I'm Confused

I moved to the west coast with my gf. Just me and her. We're renting a nice place, leased a car. I work full time she goes to school and works part time. I pay most the bills. I love her more then anything. She says she loves me but I'm confused by her actions... Our sex life disappeared overnight, she says i am constantly wanting to have sex but she waits months at a time. She is constantly absorbed in her phone on Facebook Instagram and new guys are adding her on the daily. She is acting talking differently. She ignores me and won't talk to me if I don't do as she pleases. Whenever I feel the slightest bit of confidence she punks me in public totally embarrassing me in front of everyone. She is always bitching always depressed how we never have money or how I'm never being a cute bf. last month she started using vagisil out of the blue and the last few weeks ive noticed our gas tank is looking like its being used at night. she makes no effort to reassure me whnI'm feeling uncomfortable. She calls me crazy and idiotic saying only I would think she is cheating. I feel used cheated worthless. I work full time bought her a place a car moved two states away but can't help having these feelings. All her friends tell me I'm crazy to and that all her actions are purely coincidental someone please help me figure this out.
Dontgetit69 Dontgetit69
18-21, M
Nov 12, 2012