Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice...

I've been waiting up now for 3 hours waiting for a guy to call me. Tonight we were talking online, and everything he said to me made my heart beat so fast I was sure I was going to go into cardiac arrest. So I agreed to wait for him to call me tonight... I finally got tired of just sitting by the phone and waiting so I went on to facebook and checked my account.... then checked my friend's because she was new to facebook and I had asked him to add her. He had and included a message saying he had added her because I asked him to- which made my heart beat a little faster- and that he thought she was really cute & maybe they could get to know each other better. God damn't! I  knew he was a flirt... but I guess I thought that he felt more about me. And even if he did mean what he said I wouldn't go for it. The worst thing is that this 2nd time it's happened. I guard my feelings so hard it hurts... but when I finally started getting close to another guy a while ago, I found out that's he's playing me with my friends. plural. They didn't go for it either, of course.... but damn. I'm such a fool. And the only guys that will go for me are just plain desperate I guess. What makes it even worse is I'll probably end up waiting all night for the call. Only to listen to him flatter me because he's trying to hook up with my friend. Well, thanks for listening to my incoherent teenage girl babbles I just feel so god damn used. 

gloryhallelujah gloryhallelujah
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2009