Getting Divorced As My Husband Has Met Someone While Working Abroad

Hi I am a 40 year old who still feels 18 and am told I dont look my age and have been with my husband for 21 years, he went abroad to work in the middle ast last year and has just come home after first going straight off to visit his soon to be new wife when our divorce goes through , on his return from manilla he has been nasty although I am trying to be amicable I get told constantly to shut up while he goes off in the spare room to talk to her via  internet as she is waiting on a visa does not talk to his 12 year old hardly at all  which upsets him. I feel I have always tried to dress nice and look good as I love clothes  and hoped that he would appreciate me looking good but I would get no comment or be  told I am too thin as I did have an eating problem aabout 4 years ago due to stress from him having an affair before and money worries lately as he ran up an 8.000 mobile phone bill talking to her. Also he says he is not trying to rub my nose in it but sits in front of me and our son saying he loves her will be faithful forever  etc etc. I call that rubbing it in. I will be glad when it is all finalised and I can move on with my life. I do losts of courses although I have bad eyesight and am waiting for an operation in holland which I hope will work.Prior to working abroad he worked in cornwall all week and came home at weekends and was still not pleasant then and wondered why I used to have some wine or whatever before he arrived which I admit to as   I did not know what hhe would arrive home like ie what mood, I d usuaually missed a cobweb due to eyes or something trivial. Plus I also admit to having some drinks when  he came home  vaarious bombshells  such as I quote I ve just given 600 dollars to a rucssian girl I felt sorry for  or called me useless and thick when I have  just passed a phscology exam, sign language , shild protection,  socialogy  and law a long while ago , so I dont agree with him on that. But he likes to just down on me constantly. When this is all over and he is gone I hope it will feel like a great relief  and I  can move on and enjoy myself as I m usually and am still trying to be a happy cheerfull person and I m sure everyone wants to be happy and feel loved I hope that I will find someone  eventually who feels the same about things as me  as I am a touchy huggy person who loves affection which is totally opposite from my husband. So I hope this will happen  eventually at the moment I am just riding things out until he is out of the picture and it would be lovely to meet new people via this site. I forgot to mention that I love music  quite a diverse range of music  anything from rock to sad or romantic songs. I look forward very much to hearing from and meeting new friends on this site.  Take care and bye for now.
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Just read the piece you wrote about that man you called a "Husband" I can hardly believe you even allowed him back into your house..... phew he never deserved you. The grass is not greener and like my now ex-wife he'll soon if not already learn that for himself.<br />
I really wondered how you are now and if you feel like writing an up date go for it....<br />
Take Care and my best wished to you - Paul

i think this mans only love is himself. He is vain and hurtful and will end up alone and lonely. while you will have moved onwards and upwards

i think this mans only love is himself. He is vain and hurtful and will end up alone and lonely. while you will have moved onwards and upwards

Hey i've just split after 22 years, it does get better. If you want a l chat, then please give me a shout, you're not on your own.<br />
<br />

I admire your strength and your will to move on. How are you able to?