Getting My Life Back

Hello folks!

My first post and a chance to get things aired.

I have a drink problem that I am currently addressing in a successful fashion. That was how I met her. I was a member of a support group on the 'net. We shared stories and tried to help each other through cravings and suchlike. I had been married for 24 years and things were getting better at home. They had been quite bad for a while and I was unhappy. One of the people on the website sent me a message and we got talking. I'm sure you can tell what's coming next, though not quite how far things went. She is Canadian and I am Scots. She is a lot younger than me and very exciting and attractive. I was deeply flattered and completely bewitched by her. She was going through a divorce and wanted to me to leave my wife and go and make a life with her and her baby daughter. I jumped straight in. Unknown to me my wife had been monitoring my messages and had a rough idea what was going on and I had a choice; do I stay or do I go? I went! Don't ask me why. I hadn't even met this girl and I was leaving my wife for her. Stupid!

Anyway, I got to Canada and we lived as a family for 18 months. We were both in heaven, or so it seemed. I was working and so was she. The baby came to love me, and I was in control of my drinking, but little else.

Out of the blue, after making plans for the three of us, she sent me an email from work asking me if I wanted to leave. I was stunned. She had given me the impression that we were a happy family and had a future and I had fallen for it, She came home that night and told me that she'd met a guy she used to know and that she was sorry. I just made arrangements to leave. We spent an awkward week together before my flight. She said that maybe we could work it out if it didn't work out with this new fellow. ???

I was lost. I had given up everything; absolutely everything for her. When I got back here, I had £8.76, nowhere to live and no job. It's taken me a year to get back to some normality. My wife found out that I was back and was very kind to me. I had treate her very badly and didn't deserve her help, but she gave me a spare room for a while until I got my own place.

I can't bring myself to be bitter towards this girl. I was a fool and everything that happened, I agreed to.  She's been on that website telling all her friends what a waste of time I am and I can't go back there anymore. I'm over it now but for a while I was a total mess.

You live and learn.

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Mar 21, 2009