I Cant Move On From Her

Well i've liked this girl for some time now and we're somewhat friends, we talk at school, on facebook, txting and what not. Yet, she clearly does not like me the way that i "like" her. She's said she'd never go to any school dance with me, doesnt wanna go on a date with me, but i still talked to her as friends wishing that she would like me. I know how foolish of me to do that and i know i should've moved on but idk why i couldn't. I've have since gotten a car now and i'm trying to limit my contact with her so i can get over her, but everytime that she talks to me its now always about if i can take her and her friend somewhere, or they need a ride and could i come get them. I feel like im just their driver now, one to whom they go to for a ride. Am i being used or is it just me? I just want to move on but i can't

Yuko Yuko
18-21, M
Feb 12, 2010