I Feel Very Isolated

My story began years ago, when we first purchased a new mobile home in family trailor park. My husband had recently been fired from his long time job and was searching for a new job. Prior to moving there we had been living in our first home. I felt so sad about having to sell our first home, because we had so many plans and dreams of how we were going to renovate our character home. Shortly after moving in to our new mobile home I began feeling lonely and very isolated due to not having any kind of transportation getting from the small village to the city. I was literally stuck there. Although there was a train that came through the small village, but it didn't go down to the city. I felt trapped, and so helpless, because I wanted so much to return back to school where I was beginning to upgrade my education, but, because there was no transportation to get me there and back again. I couldn't go.. And my husband was unable to help me due to his long work hours. And he had to travel outside of the small village that we lived in. Fortunately we only lived there for 3 years, but it was 3 years of hell living in a nightmare where I felt there was no way out of. When we tried to sell the mobile home it took forever until we were able to find someone who would buy our mobile home. We moved back to the city again and have remained here, but the time when we lived outside of the city still haunts me, because of feeling very isolated and alone. I never want to feel that way again. 
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I'd say the above comment seems very harsh. We all vary in our ability to deal with the challenges that life throws at us. There's no point in living in the past because... it's in the past and you can't change that. You *can* change the future.<br />
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Being isolated and alone makes people self-centred... so I would prescribe trying to do some nice things for other people in any way you can. Maybe you could set yourself a target to try to write something nice for someone else every day for a week? (Maybe Baronesse could set herself the same target.)

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I am a French lady travelling aroung the globe and i read your story.Sorry but I did not feel sorry in anyways for you.You see there is a time for everything ,you needed to learn from this experience and it seems like you can only look at your belly buttons and you are cover by your misery and found some comfort.You should understand that if your happiness is build on material thing you wont get it back by going back to school ,it is a lie this society is telling ours.You make things happen if you can control your emotions.I travel and in many places I have to be on my own ,in some country I felt isolated due to my westernise way of thinking and suffer of prejucides,but all these confrontation made me stronger and I look at myself like a mirror.I did not like what I saw but I am dealing with it.<br />
So ,I wish you could face yourself or get some help,because you seem very depress and seem to lie a lot to yourself.You got the key to your own happiness.<br />

i can see that you're very dedicated to go back to school where you can actually get your mind off things and focus on whatever field that you accomplish most. <br />
I am very sorry that you have to go through this tragedy and you're stuck in an isolated environment. Have you tried to see if you can take online courses? we are lucky that this new generation has brought advance technology where anything is possible. Of course, I don't think all school have online courses but maybe you can try to find this info. For you it may not be the same because you're still stuck at home but you can stop by at a coffee shop nearby with your laptop, that's what I do sometimes when I just want to feel the breeze blowing on top of my head. <br />
Feeling isolated is like being abandoned from the people you love and cherish most. No one to listen on what is hurting you sofly and it's difficult to trust people in these days so basically, you're on you own. But as a friend I am here whenever you need me.<br />
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B. Shantelle :)<br />
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You can trust me!