What's My Purpose

what is my purpose in life i have no idea what so ever.  what is my purpose in my relationship i can't seem to do anything right.

tinkabella tinkabella
18-21, F
2 Responses May 9, 2007

I know very interesting people who are well over fifty and have no idea what their purpose in life is , which however does not stop them from having interesting lives and great souls <br />
... they are still experimenting with their purpose and they are still enjoying it all and trying as we speak ...<br />
<br />
I have heard somewhere that our purpose in life is to be aware of miracles happening<br />
inside us and outside us <br />
every single moment , ... every single breath ....<br />
<br />
that alone is our ' purpose ' , that alone will make us ' aliva ' ... and we have to be alive in the first place to ever get to the purpose of our aliveness ...<br />
<br />
don't go into mental concepts and destination - driven mode ,<br />
just stay inside miracle - vibration all the time , stay alive within yourself - your alivness is a big part of your purpose for life ...<br />
<br />
and once this is done , the rest tokowill come , ....the answers , the events , the all ....<br />
it all follows and happens by itself once we are tryly alive and once again aware of miracles and innocence ...... so witness atoms and molecules changing all around you , enjoy shapes , sky , colours , get some life in your soul , the rest will come by itself ...<br />
<br />
........ you need to know who you are first , to be able to figure out what your purpose in life is ..........<br />
<br />
it is this focussing on ' goal ' , on mental concept of ' purpose in life ' , that kills life in us ,<br />
so don't go that way ... just be innocent once again , be grateful for miracles , be alive ... the rest will find you as well ...............................................

At your age you have much of life ahead of you, and you have time to decide. I suggest you find an older person that can help you by sharing their observations. In the old days the elders were consulted and revered, now it seems that young people are set adrift to fend for themselves. That is sad.