Im Worth 0.000001

Im worthless.  You would have guessed that by now.  I join this thing, maybe to get some answers about life, and no one responds =(.  When I was young, i was pointed as the loser of the group.  Many things they said to me those 5 years...."Your Worth NOTHING!" "NO ONE WOULD EVER CARE ABOUT YOU" "YOUR GONNA END UP ALONE AND NO ONE WILL CARE"  It still rings many parts in my life today.  Im scared of asking people out, fear of rejection -_-, I dont say anything personal for fear of being made fun of...  Many things.  Anything i do, is forgotten the next day, and ive probably been used.  I bet when i go away, 2 things might happen

A.) Party becuase I left them alone

B.) No one would care

Lawlasaurus Lawlasaurus
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

What? No one's gonna party when you're gone. I won't 'cause I dont' know you. I still bet you'd make the world (at least a bit) more beautiful.