Not Yet, But..

I`ve never written an ep story, just joined.. but I can certainly relate.. because of my past experiences from other forums.. I guess it has a lot to do with social anxiety. the fear of beeing judged negatively by others. I probably have bipolar disorder (not yet been diagnosed, but in treatment and on meds..) so i guess thats part of it as well.  I guess what I feel is a fear of what I`ve written is either stupid, or "out there". I also play a bit with words and make sort of jokes that people don`t understand or misunderstand, but I see no reason to stop beeing who I am. I now realize the title to my post is one of these. I`l let it be. I have a sort of fear that my thoughts don`t make sense, because of this. I think I also have a way of beeing to honest and sharing my inner thoughts and feelings to often. Am i now? 

I think a lot, and sometimes people don`t really understand what I`m saying. or misunderstand. And hopefully It is because they just don`t understand my play on words and way of communicating. hmm... It doesnt help that I`m from scandinavia and have not studied english more than what`s obligatory in school.. but this happens when I write in my native language as well.

well, there you go... I feel vulnerable already. but I`ll post anyway.
Norowl Norowl
26-30, M
Aug 30, 2011