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Hell Yeah.........are You Kidding ?

As Marji, I wrote things.............I believe I carved a new road here on E.P.

Back when I first joined, this site had not seen the likes of someone like me.

A retired prostitute, a child of i.n.c.e.s.t., I wrote of the abuse I suffered at the hands of many men, my abortion of the child that was a result of my father. 

Almost four years now I have been an open book. My heart, my anger, my hate...........all laid out for all to read, to take stabs at me...............

Those count for nothing though in comparison to the support and healing,the growth and maturing I have done.

The ever so strong bonds I have built with others I have reached out to,who have depended on my strength in knowledge to build their own.

The friends I have made that I have hopes of lasting the rest of my day's...................

I wouldn't trade it for the world.   

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i know things have been hard on you scw, but you have survived them and im sure it has made you stronger, though i wish you never had to go through things as you have.

That's so good to hear hon ... sounds like you've come a long way!