I was at a friends house and we were both in bed sleeping later in the afternoon because we had had a long day. I kept drifting off to sleep, waking up with her dad standing by the door watching me sleep. I shut my eyes pretending i was asleep, every time i opened them there he was still watching me. He came into the room and i opened my eyes he had confessed to watching me sleep and said i looked cute. Then he jokingly or at least i thought it was a joke, said he was going to take me to his room and have me all to himself. He then picked me up! and carried me to his room. He put me on his bed and started kissing my neck i was so scared i tryed to hide my face and i felt his hands going up my leg. He started to unzip my jeans so i rolled over so he couldnt. I started to cry i was soo scared. Then he stopped and started laughing and said i would never do that to you. He then carried me back to my frirnds room and i never said a thing to her i just went back to sleep
Maybe im just vulnerable.
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um yeah that wasn't cool. I'm glad he stopped but I'm sure you left with a trama. never go to the friends house or get close to him. If you are brave you can mention it to the wife, but don't expect to be believed. very inappropriate and abuse behaviour.

or maybe hes just sick and perverted tell your friend now! god forbid the next friend he might take it too far and hurt a young girl if u cant tell your friend tell a friend you have to do something now this is wrong and sick !!!!!!!! PLEASE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

So spooky....