A feathery whisper drifts into the night
The cool, damp air carries it easily
Into the waiting ears of a lover
I have loved you, through the eons
And felt your heart beating from afar
You have never once left my thoughts
A shadow which graces my heart
Lifting me when I feel defeated
A solitary caress is all I desire
And all I need, to remain alive
Beside me, or a thousand miles
Here and now, or a thousand years
Your presence holds me closely
And I know I will never be alone
Carried on drifts of countless thoughts
Moving as one, always intertwining
Everything we are, all we may know
Connected – through an eternal lace
Every step, and every breath
Each second that carries us on
Into the new day, and of a new life
But only more of the same we know
And still, are traveling together
The movements your body makes
And the sounds of living a life
Are never far, from my searching soul
Beauty is flowing all around us
Ours to strengthen and protect
For the new ones who will come after
And for all who have ever been
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Oct 26, 2011