I Believe So Too...

...however defining connected is another story. we can all feel a sense of connection to our ego lives. our friends and family. or communities. our planet. But...are we connected?...telepathically,spiritually. through cosmic connection, other dimensions. are we even truly Awake to the truth of how deep our connection goes. i feel so deeply connected to all thee above...yet still feel so disconnected to a deeper truth i am still unaware of, because as a human i do not believe this consciousness or level of understanding is truly available to us just yet. no matter what level of consciousness as a human you have acquired. so this still leaves with with one space of feeling disconnected, yet with the understanding throughout my many layers of consciousness...i do understand this is soon to be exactly the gift we as humans are about to receive throughout this immediate time of Ascension...the truth, allowing a truer connection to all.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

We are Connected: You are spot on. And believe it or not Quantum physics in its infancy is proving that we are connected. I would have to write a book to validate that statement so just Google, Parallel Worlds, Double Slit Experiment, Collapsing wave function, etc.

These things are proven mathematically and some by reproducible scientific experiences by crazy people like Thomas Young, Albert Einstein, etc.