I Feel Sadness and Joy For Others As If It Were My Own

As I wonder through these stories and questions, some hit so close to home or I feel myself in that persons shoes and I know that there is a connection to all of humanity, and especially the close people in your life.  There are energies that we have no idea about, what % of our brains do we not use>  Scientifically speaking these are the areas that we are meant to develope in our generations and lifetime, realizing that is the first step to accelerating it.  A New Earth put this in perspective for me very clearly we choose the ripples that will affect future generations...good and bad, so far our ancestors must have made some bad decisions because its like a tsunami has hit our world w/ war, violence, hatred, despair and selfishness and here we stand as people in the same world w/ a purpose that is meant to connect a puzzle and bring us all full circle.... keeping our issues at bay or balanced is what seems to be so difficult to figure out and w/ the world as busy as it is who has time to contemplate these matters?My overactive drive for one thing can be a shield for a useless fear that controls me and until I do some soul searching w/ others like and unlike me I may never make the connection to fill in the missing piece to that puzzle and therefore never come full circle!  We are here together for a reason, I'm just not sure we have all figured out what that central purpose is....I believe to bring love, peace and happiness to everyone....but I'm a hopeless romantic in a hopeless world!

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Talk about being connected and the problems it brings. Bill and Bart, our two conjoined twins here in Hog Squeal, Alabama, are in an uproar. Bart wants to be a dancer - the Chippendales is his goal. Bill wants to be a preacher. Now, Bart is an atheist and Bill, a Southern Baptist. Bart is a drug addict and Bill a strict teetotaler. It's amazing to see them in Church, with Bill, clean shaven and attentive, listening to the sermon while Bart sits there, farting and belching in his drunken stupor. Also, some of the church ladies saw Bill down at the local watering hole with Bart. Bart was doing his nude dance routine while Bill read from the Bible to the crowd. It was interesting to say the least. Anyway, next week Bill will enter Seminary and Bart will head to California to understudy with the Chippendales. Tune in next EP time and I will let you know what happens.

First of all can I have my shoes back ........ Remember their has always been war , famine , and evil for as long as we have inhabited the earth ..... I don't think their is a central purpose , we are the only species on the planet that thinks this , why not just live , and not introduce guidelines for a existence subservient to some Mighty being ...... when we cant agree who this being is, if in indeed he does or ever did exsist ......