An Alternative World-wide Web

Many of us here at EP love someone who is not nearby.  For some of us it's a few hundred miles, for some thousands and for some their love is continents and oceans away.

Loving someone far away is never easy.  It requires constant effort to keep the fires burning.  But distance in no way negates the intensity we feel, in fact sometimes it makes our feelings stronger because of the continual longing to be with that special person.

There is an invisible thread binding us.  A thread which pulls and draws us together even across miles and oceans.  A sense of connection, as if we have antennae which are tuned in to the life and breath of another.  That fine tuning is sensitive to moods and feelings and sometimes the signal is poor and there is too much interference to really be clear.  At those times we can feel insecure, unsure and confused.  This is the hard part of being separated from someone you love, someone you can't see and touch and feel at a whim, when you need to be reassured.

Think of how many thousands of threads there must be stretching across the world.  I like to imagine that they form a wonderful protective grid around us all, crossing and re-crossing the globe.  All those wonderful thoughts and wishes and dreams swirling around us like an alternative world-wide web.

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i love you,goddess.................from,17.5 k....................away...................tis not so far

Hi upforthecraic ... long time no hear!! I wouldn't say finding love at a distance is easy ... but I do know it's possible at least. And it can be hard work sometimes too. I don't believe love does know boundaries, except those we create ourselves.

thanks AAL. Feeling it myself very strongly right now as it happens.

thank you coyote ... it's mutual hon

thank you OneSapphire

thank you suzieA.

What a beautiful analogy and how true it is!

yes, exactly polly and mizz - the written word can be very intense and can add a depth of detail and meaning which can go beyond what we'd ever say on the phone or face to face - but it does have its shortcomings - there can be misunderstandings and we have to be aware and mindful of that possibility.

That's right, the problem is that you can only go by the words, or the lack of them sometimes, and you can be left wondering.<br />
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thank you polly. I think the words "so near and yet so far away" are probably appropriate!!<br />
thanks blackdress - I think many of us suffer so many mixed emotions with far away loves - it's possible to get it wrong when you can't see the person - and when you long to be with them.

WIB, I love this story so much! I have always felt and expressed that exact analogy - that there is an invisible thread binding my heart with someone elses.<br />
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But I love how you expound upon it - the antennae and the interference. I know precisely what you are saying. Thank you.

Thanks amberdextrous. It can feel very lonely sometimes when you have to be apart from your special person. Perhaps there is strength and support to be gained at those difficult times from the knowledge that there are those threads there, a kind of massive group hug. Yes, it is great to be part of it.

A beautiful story, WIB, with a beautiful image at its heart, of millions of interwoven threads, embracing the planet. It is a web of silk extruded from our souls and linked to solid anchor-points, soul-mates, perhaps, sometimes on the other side of the globe. <br />
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And silk is soft and smooth, but also very strong. It is a silken safety net we're building, strand by strand. And it is great to be a part of it.

thank you polly and mizz - I know how much the idea strikes a chord with me (pun optional!) and I figure that many others will feel the same.

blissy, you are so right, and I love the analogy of the invisible thread. Distance can make the longing stronger, and I would add that I now believe it is possible to love people you have never met face to face.<br />
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