I Feel Weak and Powerless to Protect My Girlfriend

We were at a costume party and two guys were gawking and taking photos of my gf.  In the spirit of the holiday, my gf offered to take a picture with them.  While I was taking pictures for them I heard a surprised yelp from my gf.  Afterwards she told me one of them reached under her skirt and placed his hand on her butt.  I was pissed and wanted to confront the guys but my gf didn't want to cause a scene and she acted it wasn't a big deal.  And for my own part I didn't want to start a fight that I wasn't sure I could win. 

Now the more I thought about it, the weaker and angrier I felt.  I seem to always let the rational side of me control me.  I should have just went after them regardless of what the consequences were.  Even though my gf was extremely supportive and didn't really want me to start anything, I still feel like I let her down.

I feel depressed and weak and helpless....

If anyone has any suggestions on how to cope with this, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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2 Responses Nov 2, 2008

The competition must be dee-stroyed. Show no mercy.

As long as your girl is being supportive and is fine with you not saying anything and getting into a fight with those guys, then it's ok and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. <br />
<br />
If someone does offend your girlfriend in any way in the future though, I think you should at least say something. And she should say something too. Tell her to not let crap like that slide. What those guys did was very offensive, and to do it RIGHT in front of her man is just dumb. If some guy grabbed my *** like that I would punch him in the face...but that's just me.