Im pretty chesty. ive been told i am blessed with a big chest lmao but the girls that have big chest that arent as big as me, they get pissy :P i would wear a low cut shirt and they would say mine needs to be put away cuz theyre about to fall out and its gross. they where idiots, i think it looked to them like it was but really... O.O I am just big. i would NEVER show allot. also if i showed what i think is a little my brothers complain sooooo much that i dont like showing my skin, not even the typical "little" amount of skin. no one likes it, and i dont like peoples reactions. i got a reaction that scared me lmao, an old relative started hitting on me and i called them bad names and they tried to bribe me with money. HA 


i think after a few times of just trying to look attractive people never liked it so i cover up and i feel protected but now people say i bundle up when its so hot out when its summer time. i refuse to wear tanks, and regular swim suits, i just dont swim if i cant wear clothes over most of my body. i guess the complainers have influenced me into not liking my own body but really... i dont remember ever LIKING it.

Sitchiba Sitchiba
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

ahh i can relate to you here...when i was 14 a girl pointed out in front of everyone that she wanted boobies just like mine...she didn't know how self conscious i was abt it...ever since i've kept them pretty much covered up...