Its About Love....

I hate this feeling, but I think its correct, at some point I start to hate love, just because it hurts, Not me, I dont care about myself. Its about my peers, those who matter. Whenever one is in pain because of love, love as in, their relationship mainly, its out of your hands to help them. I want to help because I care, but its nothing I can really do. Its they way that only person who can make you smile is the one who gave you tears. Not always true but in case of love it is. I see them suffering, and I hate love, I hate the person who did that to them, though I know eventually in the end they will be with them or they will move on. But everytime I see someone go through it, it bites me. I hate it.


Note please : PLEASE just PLEASE dont say anything if you dont have anything productive to say.

Floydian Floydian
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Hehe I could never leave my mother's hand now, could I? Huggles! :-)

Being sensitive to other's pain does really bite. I know you are a good friend, your love for people always shows. Just like you want to hold their hand, I want to hold yours too. Love. mom

well ann, I dont disregard that, I mentioned it I think that the person who has been hurt will go on, but from my point of view as his/her friend, it hurts to see them in trouble, especially when you cant do anything about it.<br />
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Salar, what you say is very true, and even I give hard time to people around me, but that said I still hate doing that.<br />
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Thanks mizz, you're a sweetheart, its just not about that, even when she should go back, it hurts to see that they are hurting atm. That is the point when I get all weird about love.<br />
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Thanks flour, but it was not for me. hehe!

love is hard and very hard to endure at times but youll make it thru-love-flour

Hey - Floyd I have been here, and I know how hard it is when the one that you love the most is the one who hurts you the most, and the deepest. <br />
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I have seen this also with some of my friends - and it's hard when you see it, you know that she should not go back to him... and like a train wreck you can't stop it. <br />
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HUGS Floyd - anything you need man ... just holler.

Better to have loved and lost ..... than not have loved at all ........

..u just give ur heart to that person,do so many things,love him and after u get hurt..still u love..u cant hate it coz u still love,still close ur eyes waiting that everything will b ok and that ur tears will become tears of happiness..and maybe thats not productive but i know that i could give my life to that person..even if he wouldnt appreciate it