I Feel When No One Loves Me

When I some times am feeling low in mood,i wish i had some one I could turn to and ask them to hold me until this sadness passed away,unfortunately i have no one who i can turn to.

I often think of my mother and  when i was a child and fell over how she would pick me up and wipe my tears and reassure me every thing would be okay.I some times wish she was here now,because a part of me sometimes crys out for that love she had for me,but has no longer.

There are times in my life when all i want is for some one to love me,but no matter how much I hold out my arms they always return empty.I am like a begger asking for some one to fill my bowl with love,but like the begger I only serve to get rejected ,as love is some thing i can not force anyone to give me unless they wish to.I used to get angry,depressed and upset,but now I have fonud a way to give myself love without begging others for it.When i feel I need love I close my eyes and say s>>>>>I LOVE YOU,I repeat this to myself and it gives me a feeling of being loved only i dont have to look to others.xxxxxxxxxx

fairy fairy
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

and then, just take care in every moment. Love comes, don't be unprepared!

I love soup.2. I love deep soaks in the tub, dailey. 3. I think you should greet every creature, plant, situation and Day with a smile every time it is at all possible. 4. You should be true to the Creator - not Society/or the public. 5. I believe you should keep the Breath of Life & Love sacred and safe inside the temple of your body. 6. Change is a very good thing for us all, And do not give your whole being over to anyone except the Creator, he is your only true protector** 7. Do not kill any living thing with the life blood flowing thru its viens. YAAY!!! Blessings, livingwell