You Are All So Strong. Why Am I So Small?

when i read your stories and your pains and problems... i have to wonder.. why should people care about me? i just have a simple pain. it makes me feel like i shouldnt even be on here. my pain isnt deep enough to be shared... compared to how you people have been through so much... people have more problems and experiences than i do... does that mean i have less pain than everyone? why does it seem im so small? you people are so strong and confident, im hiding behind a shadow. im nothing. but you... all of you people here on EP are wise and understanding. you can comment and actually know what to say, and help people. you have likes that a lot of others have. you create an experience group and people know how you feel. my trouble is small. i dont have enough problems on here... which is just making me feel like a spoiled brat. i dont deserve this. whatever this is. believe it or not... this place just makes me feel smaller.
soharu soharu
3 Responses Aug 17, 2010

i know how you feel reading stories on here which are far worse than mine and when i post up mine i feel quite stupid but then i think of it like this " these people needed help and they got helped, i need help so i hope they can help me" you need to know that while some have it worse than you others are exactly like you nothing can make you feel smaller if you just find people that can help you through everything.

Everyones tears are equally salty. Rejoice that your problems and experiences haven't been "all that bad." If you want to speak wise and true....listen to your gut and then your heart to find the "right" answers. You are blessed to have not suffered so deep. Continue to be that is a happy life if we make it to be ;)

but thats the way ive always been. since kindergarden. ive always put myself before others. and when i am first, i always feel very selfish, and that i should let the other person take it, they want or need it more than i do. like even jobs. i didnt want to take one because there might have been someone who needs it to support their family, or take care of themselves... maybe save up for college. so how do i change that without feeling really selfish?