People Only Like Me Because They Pity Me For My Shyness And Nerves...

That's only why all the mums in the daycare like me and I am childlike and immature which is why the kids like me.
My co workers like me because I look so young and are therefore *sweet and cute* and again, I am sure they feel sorry for me as well for being so shy and nervous. I am a joke and feel like an absolute nobody.
I am a freak, shy, nervous, always anxious, always too sensitive and emotional and I am not important enough for people to bother with once they have had their use out of me. But then I am so boring and quiet, who can blame them?
When I think of myself, I just think *Nobody* or *worthless* I feel destined to be the freak forever and I am tired of it.
I just wish I could be normal.
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5 Responses Jun 17, 2011

people tell me i am 'not normal'. i tell them 'thank you.
obviously am sorry you have felt so bad about where you are in your life.
GRAB the uniqueness (you described as freak) that make you special.
Love it...Embrace it...Someday it will make you PROUD and HAPPY...I promise you.

My daughter got so down about her life that we lost her. In her honor and memory Audra's Hug was established so that others may know they are loved and special. Jenni...I do not have to know you to know you are loved. I love you as well as all the people who joined Audra's Hug.

If you need to reach out you feel free to communicate at Audra's Hug on Facebook.

I felt like I was reading my own words hearing this

it is a sorry fact of human life is way to many use others<br />
also have no problem being a friends

i know what you mean.

I feel the same way. I would love to be your friend.