I'm Tired Of This Feeling.

I'm sick and tired of feeling useless. My friends care but I don't think they really mean it. I'm home everyday wishing someone would call me to hang out, but they never do. Same old excuses. "I don't like talking on the phone." or "I'm too lazy." Seriously if you really are my friend you should put the effort in to calling me if your so bored! Is it really that hard?
Rainbowxxbutterflyxx Rainbowxxbutterflyxx
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2011

Pray to God, He will help you a lot! He helped me when I was in depression, when I was about to die by suffocation, when I had a very important exam, when my grandpa was about to die (I prayed to Him, and my grandpa still lives!).<br />
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He will help you! This is what I swear to you! just tell Him what you want, why you want that, your problems, hopes, dreams... He's our creator. He will help you!