I Want Someone Who I Love To Love Me Back For Once.

Or even like me, just want to talk to me, just to be my friend would be amazing. Through any electronic medium, I dont care. I don't have a family that supports me, I can't make friends outside the internet..this is it. I ******* want to die when everyone I try to reach out to someone I like who would make me feel good about myself totally rejects me. Doesn't want to talk to me, or just ignores me. I'm not good enough for anybody, and it's just because I'm ME, there's nothing I can DO or work on.. Trying harder makes me more obvious and unlikable..It's just me.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2012

I understand how you feel. Your words are like an echo of my own feelings. I know that does not help much but please know, in this way, you are not really alone.

Eliliy... I'm here for you. And I agree with NiceChuck. Sometimes, it's not that they DON'T care, they are just too BUSY with their own stuff to care... It's a bit sad but it's life. And I think you're awesome, you and not someone else you pretend to be, because i only know you.

many are too busy in their own world that they dont have time for other people, but that even isnt the first thing, let me ask you something, do you like yourself, do u appreciate yourself, your talents, your temperament, everybody has some minuses but u gotta focus on the plus in your life, like yourself, admire yourself now use your talents to do something nice for people u meet everyday without asking for anything back, ... when u do something for people, it boosts your self esteem and your worthiness, people will catch on this vibration and start treating you as a worthy person not just with respect but with love also....we should talk more if u want

I have done that for years...I do nice things for people all the time. I try to be a good person and not judge others, etc. I even give the homeless guy on the corner a dollar from time to time. I guess people love me for that but what really happens is they use me. They walk allll over me because they know that I will be there for them. Then, the times that I am low, they forget I exist. I recently divorced and have all this new freedom now...that is how I should feel but instead I feel like no one will ever love me for me and now I am just alone