I'm Not Loved

My own mother told me she didn't love me. She only loves my brother and sister because they turned out She like she wanted. I was different. I want to tell her I don't love her but I know that's a lie. She is the one who gave birth to me. But I'm losing all the respect and love I feel for her. I started to hate my family. I didn't care what happened to them but of course I had to act like I did. When my mom told me she didn't love me, I said I don't care but when I walked away, my heart began to hurt. eventually my love for them will fade away. Once I'm old enough to be on my own Im moving out. They wont even know that I'm missing.
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When I read your story my heart broke. I am a mother of 2 and I could never in my life say I didnt love them. Your mom is a piece of work. I wish you the best and know that God dont make mistakes and you will rise above this and you will grow to be someone and prove her wrong prove her you dont need her you are better off without her in your life.. Anyone can be a mother but it takes a special person to be a mom and she dont sound very special to me. Good Luck Sweety :)

Thank you :')

I love anyone and everyone that's has a heart. I may be a black woman but I'm very proud of those who have a heart

Thank you ^^
you right. I should love those who have heart.

I not be a family member but I know what love is my dad denied me for26 years

It's not your fault your mother's the sort of jerk that tells her own children she don't love them, still you may not want to hold her failings against the whole family. Your relationships with them may very well be salvageable if you give them a chance rather than becoming distant. <br />
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I don't know your family, so maybe that's not so...but if it could be...you might want to try. Your mom on the other hand sounds like a cruel person so it may be a very good choice to keep her at arms length if you can.

No, my brother hates me but she doesn't show it. my sister uses me. My mom thinks in a mistake.