Am I Crazy Or What

I feel worthless too! I just wish to finish highschool n go tO college n never see chicago ever again n to become somebody famous my family is ******* useless n I always had to fight n school cuz somebody either got on my last ******* nerves or somebody talked about how my hair was a mess n my clothes wasn't up to date well it ain't my ******* fault I feel like every body on earth is against me all I experienced in life was how to hate n hurt people never was taught how to do anything else except that I watched my mother struggle to feed me n my brother while my grandma helped my baby aborting *** aunt n her kids n treated us like **** on the bottom of her shoe . I dont have no relationship with my mom I resent her cuz she's not normal it's makes me want to choke her for having me why get pregnant n have me n if you were going to be miserable and depressed n curse me out n don't teach me **** nobody asked her to **** Raw ugh if there is anything I picked up on her is how to be depressed n hide
BrandiLovely BrandiLovely
18-21, F
May 27, 2012