I Am Worthless Crap

i havn't done any thing in my life i keep failing every thing i do i failed as a son, as a brother ,as a friend and as a boyfriend, my dad always yelling at me blaming me for every thing and tell me how worthless i am, my friends are avoiding me they are fake friends any way.
i feel like every one hate me, i start thinking maybe if died every one would be happier.
my only hope is finish college and disappear and no one will hear from me ever again if one of my family is diying i wouldn't give a care
comlpicatedguy comlpicatedguy
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

You are SO right. The world can be a very harsh hard place to exist.
My daughter felt much the same as you. I say felt because she hit such a low that it ended her life.
She was and IS loved very much. Did not a single person happy.
So sad she never had the vision to see. So sad all of us around her did not have the wisdom to know.
Audra's Hug was started in her honor. Point is to let others KNOW they are loved and have much worth. Do not have to know to to know you are loved by myself and all the others who have joined Audra's Hug movement.
Hope today someone will give you a look, touch or words that help to to know the world can also be a fantastic journey full of happiness.

No one is worthless. Don't let other people's issues be put on you. You can be broke and jobless, and have nothing you can think of that's good - and still go out and be nice to people - ma someone feel good - smile at someone... It sounds dumb I guess, but its the little things we can do for others that make us valuable as people.