I'm Invisible

i feel so ignored i'm here but in the same time i'm not i'm like an object , i'm usless worthless , from my childhood until now i didn't change everyone come to me when they don't have no body else , i'm always the odd one , i've got nothing good about me like nothing i'm nothing
this is my life
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18-21, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

The best way to feel loved and needed is to make love with someone each time you feel this way. It will cheer you up and make you feel total joy for a while. Do it every day and more than once if you have too. A guy will be happy to help you out with this if you just grab his stuff and play with him, they get hard right away every time. Then do it. I think that this is the greatest gift from god we have, is this pleasure so its a gift, use it. My boy friend is my victim every time I see him and I keep him on empty, ha ha. But it makes me feel much better each day. Want me to send him to see you???? ha ha