My life just ssoms a joke to my family.i am 44 years of age and most of ky life i ave gone.from one bad relationship to an otheri live in a house whjch is.not even mine with 2 daughthers.and grandsons. i share with my ex husband.he makes me feel like everything is ky fault..i sleep on the sofa every night as i dont have a health is not in a very good way.i suffer.from osteprosis since i was 30. i take very high levels of morpphune and i am in constant pain..i just.feel like if i died.tomorrow no one would care.i find that self harming is the only way i can make my self feel better..why has my life come to this i hurts like day i made sure everyone had a good christmas pushed myself so hard that by 8.00pm i was rushed to hospital .no one came in the ambulance with me..that just sums up what my life is like.i ave no friends or family to talk to .i just need someone to listen
alisonhin alisonhin
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I feel the same way. I will be your friend if you want one.