I Can'T Take It Anymore!

the question that always goes on in my head is "why was i born?..." i don't feel needed at all. i to reach put to people but they just push me away. I feel so lonely. i hate it! i need someone to tell me its ok. My own family hates me. Those who i call friends, don't feel like friends at all. Why...why am i here! Am i really needed?

This might sound stupid to you , but i have this favorite anime i watch. It's call Naruto. I;m watching the second season and i watched a certain episode. Episode 249. Towards the end, i cried. Cried for a long time because...i wish i had parents like them. They're not real but i could just feel the love they had for their son. They protected him. I was alone that day when i watched it...i cried for hours because all the pain and anger i bottled up....was finally coming out.

I just feel so lonely. there are times when i want to take my life but i just can't because i'm scared.

Why do i exist....

kisa26 kisa26
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 4, 2013

I feel the same every day the pain will not go away no mater how many cuts or pills u take god won't help but one thing will a friend or someone to care about I feel ur pain every day I tryed to die 21 times and I'm only 17 when I saw ur words they touched me and I don't want u to feel alone or want to die so I'm putting my hand out to u I want to that person that hold u when u cry and say it's ok cuz I wish I had that person

you exsist because God created YOU for His purpose.