Identity Crisis And Feeling Worthless

I found this on another website and I found it kind of interesting. Maybe it'll help someone.

"Throughout our lives we shift from a major identity to another. A woman might think of herself as a "Wife" when she gets married and then when she gives birth she might think of herself as a "mom".

These are examples of two roles or identities that she passed through as she was progressing through life. Lets suppose that her husband decided to divorce her, if she thought that the divorce was her fault she might feel worthless because her identity as a wife was shaken.

The same would happen if she discovered that her kids were not emotionally stable because she will feel that she failed to maintain the role of a mom.

So we feel worthless when we fail to maintain one of our major identities."

JustAGirl101 JustAGirl101
1 Response Jan 16, 2011

give me 10 example of survey question for identity crisis..i need it right now