I Want To Stop Feeling Worthless

I was never taught self worth. I was taught that the only person that didn't matter in my life was me. That's the way its always been, Everything I needed or wanted...I was told to stay quiet because it didn't matter. Everyone was important but me and that's the way I grew up. I always believed, it no one ever told me otherwise. I hated myself because every time people treated me horribly I let it happen and not only that I believed it was ok...even if it hurt, because people like me deserved that. When I wanted my parents to protect me they never did! to me it always felt like I wasn't something worth their I always stayed quiet. I couldn't really help it that I was treated that way as a child could I? I always feel like there's something I could of done regardless of my age right? Even now I cant say a damn thing to anyone because I feel like its unimportant. Even now I feel like its ok for people to treat me bad. I dont understand why I cant stop feeling that. I feel like maybe I dont know anybetter.
MyNameItIsNothing MyNameItIsNothing 26-30, F Mar 12, 2011

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