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That's me.

All through my childhood and pretty much most of my adult life, I've felt that way.

I don't feel any differently today

titfortattoo titfortattoo 36-40, F 16 Responses Feb 20, 2008

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haha i'm learning ;-) lol

Excellent!<br />
An Afrikaans dog!! lol

mark mark mark mark..... what's that, a dog with a lisp?? lol ---why?

lol :P

curiosity killed the cat!! lol <br />
or put it this way - nuskierigheid het die kat dood gemaak"

what what? ja jy sien....kyk hoe smile jy nou......i wonder if Mark ..dink aan wat se ons van way hy sien is mark mark mark mark.....<br />
<br />
he he he

Thanks both of you! You're right about Mark! Dit is net soos die ou dae!! lol :-P

i think you are important to to a lot of people titfortattoo....<br />
<br />
only4me : *slaps arse* lol :P

Dit is vir my altyd a plesier - eenige tyd vir jou......<br />
Wonder of Mark hierdie gaan lees.....hy gaan sien sy naam is hier...h ah h Mark! Nets soos ou

Jy is 'n ware vriend. Dankie! Ek wardeer jou vriendskap!


Thank-you my friend. You are important to me!!

Neee neee neeee! Moet nie so baie druk op jouself sit nie.....! Gosh is that even right what i just said. Chris *** cant even speak his own<br />
You know you are better than what you explain to be - and if you don't know that, well theres alot of other people that think you are important to them......