I'm Worthless

I guess it goes with having depression but I just feel so worthless and unimportant in this world. It feels like if something happened to me I wouldn't be missed and no-one ever notices me. I don't have any friends and I'm always alone, sometimes it feels like I might as well not exist. 
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I feel the same way. I have a few friends but I feel like I'm the only one putting any work into the friendship. I feel as if I stopped calling them, they wouldn't miss me and would hardly even notice I wasn't apart of there life.

I know how you feel I too have always felt the same way. But what you need to realize is that you have worth. You are a person who deserves respect and if you start thinking positively and allowed positive people in your life you would see the vast improvement

In this life we're all very different but one thing i've learn't is that its so easy to cut ourselves off when we're not feeling good about how we see ourselves, or how we feel about our own circumstances. I've been in some really low points and had been cut off from friends for many years, and then came away from that situation and it took some time to heal, and to learn to reach out to others. The thing about being by yourself and feeling bad about everything is you have no-one to pick you up and see things in a different light, i think you need more love in your life. What about starting a hobby class or new interest learning a new language for example or sewing or painting, then being able to share with others in a group. As for previous bad comment i wouldn't take any notice of that . you may have disablities, disorders, and limitations but you still have a good soul and thats what matters. Try making a list of things you enjoy, or have enjoyed in your past and see if theirs anything you can benefit from doing again.

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But you see, I really am worthless. I have a couple disabilities, learning disorders, mood disorders, physical limitations, etc. I have chosen not to have children b/c I can't even take care of myself. And I'm so emotionally, messed-up that I can't live w/ anyone else. I drive or push away everyone in my life- all my siblings, cousins, & eventually friends. I scrape by on disability & a small spousal support payment that just covers rent & meds. I am routinely unhappy, unsatisfied, divisive, & difficult. I've done therapy, medication, education, religion, etc. Not give me the divine purpose bs, that's all it is. For every good self-sacrificing thing I try to do in my community, I will find a way to **** it up. Life is a daily chore that exhausts me & beats me down & I want to be done w/ it. I simply want the autonomy to be able to take my life into my own hands. If you have the health & ability to work a job & support yourself, you have no idea what a gift that is. None.

I feel the same way. It's like I look back on my childhood and I feel like I was an awful child and that I continue to be an even more despicable adult. I think that's why I haven't had any kids. I'm afraid to reproduce. Like the last thing that the world needs is another one of me.
I promise you that you are not alone.

You are so wrong! God does not create "worthless" souls. Even the worst hobo has a beautiful, useful soul. And remember "A Stranger Is Just A Friend You Do Not Know"

That is such a useless response.

Good sir, while you may believe that this is true, take a second to look at it from our perspective.
I am worthless as well. Your god does not create worthless souls. Well I just happen to be worthless. I guess god doesn't like me, maybe he even hates me. well then... I'll just go die in my corner of hell...
Also, all of us that have looked and looked for some reason to live always see you useless religious posters that always say that 'god has a plan for you' but never give any other advice. You don't even say 'be patient, try out X, Y and Z, and you might find god's plan', you simply say some quote that you would find on an "inspirational" instagram picture with meaningless text on a random background with lots of random filters.
I let you know of this so that hopefully, you people stop posting this bull that makes us feel even worse than before you showed up.

You aren't worthless. No one is. You are here on earth for a reason, to make a difference, to stand out. And if you are going through a tough time with depression, and that constant feeling of not being loved, go see someone about it. If you feel like its not getting better at all talk about it with a therapist or one of your parents. Trust me talking about it makes you feel better that its finally out there. It worked for me. And look I'm alive today :3 You would be missed, by this whole entire world if you passed away. So don't do it. I love you and Stay Strong!

thank you so much for this

Lies do nothing for us. I certainly would not miss anybody here if they died or killed themselves. That is only because I do not know anybody though... Maybe I should try to get some friends somewhere...


You are better than me man trust me

I think you are an amazing person, absolutely amazing... Just remember this you may feel alone but you have me and I'm sure a lot of other people love house and classify you as a friend.
And know this you would Be missed <3

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EVERYONE ON IN THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF WORTHLESS!!!!!! you should all just kill yourselves! nobody would miss you, you ugly misfit scums. **** you all!!!! go to hell! WHITE POWER!!

You berate these people and call them worthless, yet you're the one who has enough time to get online just to insult people. If that's not worthless I don't know what is. What now, are you gonna get back on here and say " F U," or something equally moronic? Probably.. you're nothing but a predictable douchebag with the intellect of a gnat. Shoo, pest, and go somewhere else.

Wow what an idiot!!!

U seem like a very stu-pid human being.... Toxic mouths of madness do nOt belong here!!!!!

This guy (Hattusfordayyss) seriously needs our prayers. Please I just prayed for him everybody should do same.

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For all you that have problems thinking that you are worthless ect.. you are not...
**** the haters.. be yourself and dont give a **** what people may think of you at the end of the day if you do give a **** then you are just letting them win,,

kill yourself.. NOW!

shut the hell up..


Hi. My names Elizabeth.

I got picked on every day. Emotionally and Physically. I hated my life then. I attempted suicide many times before. Mostly trying to take pills. I cut. I still do. I changed schools when I couldnt take it anymore. But that didnt help. I couldnt trust anyone at my new school. So I didnt talk much. They made fun of me. For all they know I could be a mute. But I'm not. I really like to sing. But I havent told anyone. Because I'm too scared they'll judge me even more. I still don't talk. I still get bullied. I still cut. I still attempt. I still starve myself. I still have an eating disorder. But I also still write the word Strong on my wrist with sharpie to remind myself that life isn't easy, but it's supposed to be worth it. And that's Probably the reason I'm still here,sharing my story with the world.

Even though the people hate me. I still try to help the people who are like me and you. Cause were not alone. I help them get through it. Because I don't want them to end up like me: Worthless,stupid,Pathetic.

This is me. And guess what? I'm only 11. Ya. You read right.

Just remember this... You aren't ugly, Society is.....

how the hell are you only eleven?


you shut the **** up! you think this is a mother ******* joke?

Elizabeth, dear girl,

You ARE NOT WORTHLESS. You are having issues; my son did; he is now 38, in college and working for a good company. Your emotions are clouding your judgment. Sing, sing in the shower, sing in the rain, sing whenever you have the chance. Sing in your heart and sing in your mind. You are one of God's children; and He did not create you worthless. As for all these ignorant people telling you to hurt yourself. DO NOT listen to them; they get their kicks hurting others. That is their problem, not yours. Believe in yourself; there is a diamond hiding inside you...

My name is Lucas your comment inspired me to tell my story

I have grown up in foster care for my mom beat me till I couldn't move and my brother molested me for three years......after I first entered foster care I did feel unloved and worthless I turned to cutting,alcohol,and drugs for an escape well at the time I was doing all of that I was 15 and I attempted suicide and almost succeeded for I gut the main vein on my left wrist (and you people dissing her grow up people) but Ik what it is like and it is hard I'm now paralyzed from the waist down from drugs I am worthless where as u Elizabeth are a strong independent girl

Be strong Elisabeth! Stay alive no matter what happen.

A girl is never worthless. She. can give life and mothers are priceless!

That's right there's always someone who has it worse!

I'm only eleven, and I didn't let myself get bullied. I do go through pain, though. It is hard to explain my feelings, but it feels as if being away from a certain person stabs me through the chest like a knife. I have wanted to die a few times.. I have cursed the world, but I learned something.
Never Give Up, no matter how many insults are thrown at you, no matter how many times you are hurt. Ignore the people who insult you, and open up. Trust me, I know you can find at least one person who is willing to love and respect you. You just have to find them.

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It seems that sometimes no matter how much progress you think you've done it does not change your loved ones perception of you.

I went to war, twice; I have a medal with valor to prove it. I thought I was fine, years went by, I had my baby while stationed in Europe. Loneliness led me to the wrong type of friends. One night of partying ended what would have been a great career. My life has been a struggle since then.
I moved back home with my mother and child. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but it is my own private hell. I get berated, talked down and told at every convenience how I am not good enough; worthless. I sucked it all in, the pain, the hurt, the insecurities as a form of self punishment. I knew that it couldn't last forever.
Two years after coming back home, I reconnected with my ex husband. We completely hit it off and again started a romance. But he was married and stationed in Central America. So he partied, lied and continued to stay married all the while telling me that when he came back state side we would be together, us three. He told me he would help me back on my feet. So I started to get it in my head to leave all the pain and stress from my mother's house behind. Saying goodbye to family and friends, prepping my daughter to a new beginning.

I wouldn't be posting on here if everything had worked as planned.

He changed his mind. You see, I could not get a job in the place that I was leaving. I started becoming worthless to him. I did not have enough money so I became not good enough for him. He believed it so much that he started talking to people, meeting them while I was at my mother's house crying, depressed, broken.
We got back together again, but our relationship just seems to be a ***-for-tat. I do his online studies, he fixes my car. I drive up to see him in the home that would have been ours, I clean and do for him what I think he wants, he makes sure to send me money for gas.
We love each other but I am still worthless to him.
He is not the smartest, nor the most handsome man that I have ever met, but to me he is worth everything, even my self-worth.
I have nothing, which is what I am to him.
He says he is getting tired of providing for me, but he only provides for me things that would benefit him; things to not make him feel guilty.
I teach him how to learn but I can't teach him how to feel.
I can't live in inconsistencies.

after my dad died, i went to chronic ************ for comfort. i would beat my **** off sooooooooo hard

You guys think you're worthless? psh lmao , I dropped out of high school, work a full time job for minimum age( where only old people work btw, 20 yrs old) I have no true friends and a **** load of bills. Can't find a girlfriend to save my life, have no car and I don't even go out, I just stay inside and play games. I am the true definition of worthless

sir, you're worthless. thank you.


its okay guys. everyone that has posted on here has either suffered with some sort of depression or anxiety. i went through that sort of phase after my move. i live in australia and i moved from W.A to QLD (from one side of the country to the other) a year after i got there, i lost my nan to cancer. she had been fighting it for a more than a year. i felt to bad because i didnt spend as much time with her as i should have and i miss her loads. we live near her old place and everytime i ride/walk/drive by, i feel the urge to cry (like i do right now) that was last year in august. it happened during school... i felt alone and felt like no one understood what i was going through. my grades dropped and i isolated myself from my friends a lot. but after a year, i got back into the swing of things. yes, it did take a while but now that i understand that she is in a better place now and that there are people to talk to (school councellors, parents, friends, family, loved ones etc). people do understand. you just have to find the right people. dont let go of your humanity guys. you are never alone. i know people go through loads of physical to try and cancel out the emotional pain they feel and what i say to that is dont. it makes things worse. because when you do it, you have to hide it and lets face it, it wont stay winter forever and you will eventually have to take your sleeves off. people will see your scars and scratches and cuts. they will comment, rumours will circulate and you will feel alone again. harming yourself only makes things worse. please, for everyones sake, dont do it. there are people everywhere for you. they will understand. i promise.

Hi :)<br />
I advise you to seek Islam. You will discover that you are not alone, Allah will always be with you. All I want you to do, is to just read and ask about Islam, and you'll know what I mean. If you have any questions ask me on lifes-a-swirl.tumblr.com/ask :) I'll be more than glad to help you!

allah's fake you stupid arabian bastard

I feel worthless all the time none existent to everyone it really hurts when loved ones fail to noticee our feeling and actions that just show they don't care at all I suffered with depression really bad and it just doesn't seem to go I will always feel alone but that just the way it wi be

probably cuz your ugly

i feel dat all d tym.....all d tym.....but d only dffrnce is dat u feel ur death vill go unnoticed....but i feel dat people who kn me vill make even more fun of me n my loneliness after my death...

I figured that what you feel is directly related to the environment and circumstances you are in. <br />
<br />
For me I used to have a no complain life, where I used to drink and smoke weed everyday. I also had a full time job, and I almost had a semi balance lifestyle between my responsibilities and leisure living a happy life. <br />
<br />
But I had to move back home to support my widowed housewife mother. Moving back with my mother is a choice I would not have made if my father didn't leave us this soon. But as I continued my habit of drinking and smoking, things started to get worse to the point, and I am now so ******* confused and depressed I don''t know if I should <br />
<br />
1. Kill myself<br />
2. Leave my mother and go back to my comfy lifestyle<br />
3. Quit drinking and smoking<br />
<br />
I must say that my drinking and smoking habit does not have any effect on my responsibilities, behavior, or in other way. Usually I would have 2 beers and a joint, at the end of the day to unwind myself. <br />
<br />
But this has gone really really and REALLY ****** situation. My mother doesn't think I am good enough of a son, and I haven't done or doing anything worthwhile like the other kids on the neighborhood (I come from a descent family).<br />
<br />
Every day when I wake up, I just feel like killing myself. And I think sooner or later I am going to make an attempt to end my life. And when I think what contribution I have to this world, I realize that its 0. I don't earn enough money to support the lifestyle I was brought up in so I still occasionally have to depend on my family savings for big investments (like down payment for a a house and car)<br />
<br />
And nothing is making any sense to me right............And I wish I had a loaded gun to shoot myself or even better if the world came to an end.......

you should kill yourself you worthless troll!

i dont have depression and I know that everyone deals with feelings of worthlessness in their lives but sometimes its just hard when life deals you crap cards over and over again. I know you have to fight through it but god, its hard. I come from a loving family but an over achieving one. I tried to get into a good college but failed more than once. My grades are average, my college is average, im single, have never been in love, and well over all i just feel - average. I think that for someone who expects more out of life and feels like they've worked for it , being average is probably the worst thing ever. one of the worst feelings ever is where you know that you've tried your best and... failed anyway. There's no excuse of 'laziness' or 'it wasn't really my thing', its just plain ' you're not good enough,'. to deal with that kind of constant feedback ( from unis, teachers, grades, the opposite sex) is really difficult. So yeah, today i feel worthless.

I feel the exact same. No one at my school notices me. The group of people I guess would call "friends" probably hate me too. They always talk crap about me in my face, and I guess I take it because I don't have any other friends. But who would want to be friends with me anyway? I'm fat, I'm a loser. Hell I try so hard and I can't even get good grades in school. The only reason I put up with all of this is to make my parents happy. I just want one person in this world to tell me they care about me. Or their proud of me. But it's never enough. I go to a private school that costs $15000 a month. Just to make my dad happy. I pull a 3.19 GPA and it's not enough. I try and I try but even my own ******* teachers can't stand me. So no you are not worthless. Read about my pathetic useless life, and then you can truly understand the definition of worthless.

they dont notice you because you're gross and worth absolutely nothing!

I feel like that now, which is why I googled this. To see is someone had suggestions. <br />
<br />
Some things trigger these emotions. Like someone who you thought was a loyal friend deleting you on facebook. It hurt. It triggered all these other emotions.<br />
<br />
I went through a divorce 3 years ago. I never expected the divorce. I was married for only a year to a pastors son. I just knew I was going to be by his side for the rest of my life. I changed my identity for him. He left because he left bruises on my son (I had a son from rape when I has just turned 18), CPS took him and I couldn't get him back till the divorce was finalized. It took 9 months.<br />
<br />
5 months later a drunk driver t-boned me and I flipped 3 times into oncoming traffic. I broke my neck.<br />
<br />
Not too long ago, I decided to date again. He was amazing. He was separated for 2 years and going through a divorce. He then realized after our hearts and both of our kids were involved that he needed time to heal from the divorce. After he had previously told me he was healed. So I was hurt times 10. Ugh, I'm so broken.<br />
<br />
So I survived through so much, My heart is so many bits a pieces. I feel like I am falling apart. So much had happened in my life, I am beginning to lose hope. <br />
<br />
I'm losing me.<br />
<br />

ll I can say is you are not alone. this is I think how alot of people with depression feel. so take heart that you are not alone, many of us hear will never come to the place in life to make a mark in life for the future . orry I can't be more helpfull. I am just trying to come to terms of being a lost soul.

i'm not dippressed or anything its just people have told me im worthless and that im no one. i have no friends and im having to go to school 5 days a week knowing im going to get picked on. ive been bullied since i was 5 years old and i ve done nothing about it. but then again its always different people who are doing this to me. theres like 15 to 20 people and i just put up with it. i really need some advice. sometimes i just wish all of that would just go away. i hope sometime they will realise that everyone has a limit and all of them have passed the line. i just hope that one day i will be able to keep my friends and no one will pick on me like they have.

I feel alone and left of everything all the time I have for 7 years its like a lifestyle to me now. I just recently lost my gf today. It sucks cuz she told me tht she didn't like me at first and she said used me in the begining. It hurts a lot and I my cousin just died too, he died yesterday. I don't know what do now, I really don't know. If I should be depressed our be happy but I really can't be cuz I lost the people who make me happy. Now I'm just alone I don't have really anyone to talk to. It really sucks. And I just came here to this website to meet people who have the same feelings. My number is 702-416-3598 send me txt so we can talk and see if we can help eachother

I feel alone and left of everything all the time I have for 7 years its like a lifestyle to me now. I just recently lost my gf today. It sucks cuz she told me tht she didn't like me at first and she said used me in the begining. It hurts a lot and I my cousin just died too, he died yesterday. I don't know what do now, I really don't know. If I should be depressed our be happy but I really can't be cuz I lost the people who make me happy. Now I'm just alone I don't have really anyone to talk to. It really sucks. And I just came here to this website to meet people who have the same feelings. My number is 702-416-3598 send me txt so we can talk and see if we can help eachother

I felt like that today : (

I'm lonely and feel so worthless too. I wish I could say something encouraging but I'm so desperate for someone to just be kind to me. I have a reserved personality, but I try to be kind to people. I seem to be repaid in HATE. I believe I've tried very hard in volunteer services my whole life (I mean living and volunteering in holes like Congo for years). When I'm at my lowest, I never feel like there's a helping hand for ME. I wish I could help you - some of the tips here are helpful. I'm just in such pain myself

I'm lonely and feel so worthless too. I wish I could say something encouraging but I'm so desperate for someone to just be kind to me. I have a reserved personality, but I try to be kind to people. I seem to be repaid in HATE. I believe I've tried very hard in volunteer services my whole life (I mean living and volunteering in holes like Congo for years). When I'm at my lowest, I never feel like there's a helping hand for ME. I wish I could help you - some of the tips here are helpful. I'm just in such pain myself

i am like you Jenefierdyches, my dad Left because of me, my mum Disappears come back at the end of the month pays everything then disappears again, my gf just left me, i'm by myself all the time, i have, and do, Slit my Wrists, i am sorta Emo though, i just want to be with somebody who loves me back

I'm worthless, have no purpose, and I just take up space. I am about to be homeless, and I know that no one cares about me. I wish I was not here.

I'm worthless and too old to be helped.

Dear Resolv,<br />
<br />
I hope you are still around. Your comments were beyond sad. You may not think that anyone cares about you, but I do. More importantly, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all have a loving father in heaven who loves all of his children. <br />
<br />
The problem is that many Americans have terrible diets and get little exercise. Our father can not make us eat healthy meals and exercise. The choice is ours. If we choose not to take care of ourselves, then we suffer many consequences, including major depression.<br />
<br />
You still have the will to live and the need to be loved. Before, anyone can love you, you have to love yourself. I do not know your situation, but I do know it is not hopeless. You must change the voices within that are only self-defeating. My sense is that you would be well served by finding a support group through a church or by doing volunteer work where you can receive validation for being the special spirit that you are.

I'm apart from this world in such a profound way that I'm never going to return. I happy embraced all it had to offer but was ultimatly rejected. The person I so much wanted to be was someone else. But you can't run away from yourself. You have to search within your sould an ask if its worth it. If I was ment to be saved, it hasn't happend yet. Why is it that I am never worth it? Why is it that I am when I shouldn't be? It would have been nice to know how to love something. It would have been nice for something to know how to love me.<br />
I'm destined to die. I gave it a good shot, but thats not good enough. Not really fair, but not everybody can or should make it. Good luck, happy trails and happy endings.

yeah i was depressed after my recent break up not to mention my friends all stopped talking to me which is horrible so i started listening to speaches from dr. les brown , dr. wayne dyer there motivational speakers i know it sounds silly but it really worked for me you can listen to them on youtube just try it out and see for yourself .......

u know trust me ur not alone there ,manytimes id be feeling that useless worthless feeling may be cuz im too good that ppl dont appreciate me or maybe id be nothing to the point that they dont see me,,,sometimes i feel like i wasnt meant to be born ,,wy was i born forwat,,,to suffer? and live the dissapointement that my life is worthless,,im no good to live,,as uve mentioned sometimes i feel like im invisible or even so nothing to the point that ppl feel that it is a waste of time even to see me not even make a friendship with me,,its a horible feeling that makes me day and night wishing to die......wy is this life for ,,ur not there alone im with u on the same cloud ,,at least there are ppl like me so im not totaly alone! hang on there must be a light beam somewere on the road and if not just give up and accept it remeMbering that theres me and others sharing the same feeling with u everyday,,xo

I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes, I feel that way myself. I hope you feel better and wish you the best of luck.

i ve low self esteem, isolated,not gud enugh 4 my parents, depressed..<br />
i hope my luck changes soon

You are not alone. I feel exactly the same way.

So often i feel like people are just putting up with me, waiting for me to stop speaking so that they can get on with what they're doing. I find myself embarresed to want things of people, even the people who are supposed to love me(embarresed that i can't seem to spell embarresed). It seems like i'm just so difficult, the eye rolling and sighing i get from my parents and husband are devastating me. Can i really be that painful?? But i must be other wise why would they do it? I find myself apologizing for being at peoples houses and for having a chat. I can't stand talking on the telephone in case the other person wants to get away from me and i can't read their body language and take the hint! I'm sure that every one in the world who spends any time with me is only doing so to be polite and i can't stand the idea of being a chore! I mean surely if i was worth something my husband wouldn't leave the room in the middle of my sentence and surely he'd WANT to take me out somewhere instead of needing to be reminded. Man oh man do i know what it's like to feel worthless.

I have a long story so please bear with me, I am currently in a relationship of four years. I have three daughters from previous relationships and am caring for them with my partner. My previous relationship was very abusive and ended with me in the hospital and my two oldest daughters being sexually abused. We all went through extensive counseling for two years. My daughters that were abused are doing well but have learning disabilities and I feel it is related to the abuse they endured. I feel like such a failure as a parent. I injured my neck at work two years ago and it has put a financial strain on my partner because he is supporting all of us. Well tonight we got into a horrible fight and he said "Your such a great parent that you let your last boyfriend have sex with your daughters before they were 5." I am so devastated, because I feel like he's right. I screwed up my kids and I just feel worthless. I have seriously contemplated suicide but know this is not an option because my girls need me. So how can I ever make this better.

o of yours yours is just saying hurtful th yours is just saying hurtful things that are not true true that is abusive dump that loser

With me it's about never being good enough for my parents.

hey guys i understand every single one of you and reading your stories touches my heart.. i'm an illegal Mexican.. i've been living here for 7 yrs i graduated from high schoo in 07 and since then i haven't done anything with my life because i can't.. i can't. drive, work, or attend college.. i don't have a girlfriend.. i feel worthless all i want is a shot in life.. i can't. go back to Mexico because its hard leaving ppl behind.. i love life but whats the point of it if u cant do anythin with it..

You are not alone. As you can see here, other people feel that way too, and I am one of them.<br />
We will all lean on each other, we need each other. Feeling worthless brings pure pain through out the body, somedays it seems too much to bear. We will be here for you and you are here for us too.

i often feel like i`m not as valuable as other people when i discover they come from better-off families, or are better-off than me. i feel i`m kind of worthless when i compare myself with those people. coz i don`t think i`m as ambitious or materialistic as most people around me. so i feel like i`m worthless... <br />
so i understand your feeling worthless.

i feel like that sometime, and i have friends but some od them usualy hurt me with words, mostly female - friends, so if anyone has and idea on what should i do about it tell me please :).

I would like to recommend the book:<br />
<br />
1.) Creating Optimism, a proven, 7-step program for overcoming depression. By Boy Murray, Ph.D and Alicia Fortinberry. <br />
<br />
An inspiring journey toward happiness that should be required reading for those suffering from the pains of clinical depression or the everyday blues of life – (Ann C. Deboldo, PH.D; Director, center for positive health, university of south Florida.)<br />
<br />
And also: <br />
<br />
2.) Raising an Optimistic Child, a proven plan for depression-proofing young children - for life. By Bob Murray, Ph.D; and Alicia Fortinberry.<br />
<br />
And this one is very good also:<br />
<br />
3.) Warning: Psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental health, by William Glasser, M.D. <br />
(Bestselling author of choice theory and reality therapy)<br />
<br />
Dr. Glasser is a pioneer in every sense of the word. This is his most powerful contribution. We are being bombarded by the drug companies to put drugs into our brains to cure any and all difficulties. Dr. Glasser offers us a sensible preferred alternative to being drugged as our way of coping with life. - Wayne W. Dyer. <br />
<br />
Good book if you are depressed, or suffer mental illness or even physical illness as well. <br />
<br />
Amazon.com or Amazon.ca if you are in Canada, is a good online book store. People who have bought the books comment on them to know even more of what the book is about and if the book is very good or not.

You are important! I think everyone feels worthless once in a while, I know I do. I run a small business out of my house while my husband works and is gone 10 hours a day. Some days I feel like I am going crazy and need someone to talk too and be there for me. I am new to this site but have found that people are here for you. you may not hear what they say but you can read it. You do matter and are cared about. Love yourself, when you are alone do things you enjoy! wear pj's all day and relax. Stay in touch with family. Pick up the phone and call an old friend you have not been in touch with in a while. Join support groups and a church. Get active. Walk around your neighborhood, usually there are people out and about and say hello. It might make you feel better. Good Luck!

I too suffer from a very bad deppression though not so much these days. I've been medicinally smoking pot for about 6 years now everyday- ever since I got out of the hospital for a psychotic depression that ended up changing my life and my outlook forever. heh heh. One very usefull habit I taught myself to do is when something bad happens- like I get humiliated or dissapointed I immediatily do something constructive. I make a plan to volunteer somewhere or I make some calls about taking a course on something I like- or if the black heavy mood keeps squishing me I call the suicide hotline or the crisis line- just like an asthmatic who knows when they need to take a pull from thier inhaler I try to recognize when I need to do something proactive and constructive- an interesting slogan I learned of years ago goes like this: If its important but thiers nothing you can do to change it then its not important! Plus I find chemical help valuable as well- the side effects of anti-depressants really sucked so I found the best anti-depressant chemical for me is marijuana- I smoke a joint and man! Its like a heavy crushing wieght lifts right off me. Just weed though- any other kind of drug does not seem to be beneficial to making me feel better. But try the cognitive skill thing- the being proactive thing- it really helps- I can't advocate illigal drug use. But weed has really worked for me and allowed to me to move onto creating a successfull life that I usually enjoy living.

I have said before and I will say it again, depression is an evil companion, he is unwelcome, stays way to long and really messes everything up.<br />
<br />
Everyone touches someones life in some way and there is someone out there that needs you and would miss you if you were not here. You are not alone, many of us here suffer as you do and can be completely sympathetic.<br />
<br />
Peace and love SFM

You're not alone, I feel the same. A worry of mine is, if I died tomorrow would my funeral be so pathetically empty?

I came out of severe clinical depression years ago. I had a divorce, was struggling with a new job, and had to let my kids go stay with their grand parents until I was on my feet finacially. <br />
<br />
I decided to type out affirmations from the Psalms in the Bible and from<br />
Great sayings by famous people.<br />
<br />
When I felt bad, I read these out loud, then commented something positive about them.<br />
<br />
I also picked several great love songs and sange them to myself several times in the morning before work and when I got home. <br />
<br />
Within 8 weeks, I was no longer depressed. <br />
<br />
Wow, people wanted to know how I did it. Several could not believe it was so simple. Others tried what I had tried and were successful.<br />
<br />
For what it is worth..<br />
<br />

It happens to all of us at some point or the other. I remember not wanting to get out of bed... because i felt it wasnt worth it. I used to feel like no one understood me... and sometimes I still feel like that. The important thing to realise is tht you are special and there are people out there who do give a damn...

I have felt that way too and not all that long ago! I think we go through sort of a slump or depression period in life. Please know that you are important and you do matter! When you start spending too much time alone it can make you feel worthless. As soon as you start making some friends and get out there you will notice a big change. Things do have a way of working themselves out so be patient and believe that good things are coming your way!

Honey, I feel that way sometimes too. I have depression, and sometimes feel so hurt, and so much pain that I just wish that it would all end. I just want to tell you that you are important, at least you are to me... I wish I knew you, so I could talk to you, and then it would be so easy for me to show you how wonderful you are!