I feel like i'm worth nothing, I feel like i can't ever please anybody. I feel like i'll never get over my insecurities. I feel like my body is repulsive and hideous. I want to cut every piece of it off. I feel like no one gives half a **** about me. I feel like if i just dissapeared. no one would even know i was gone. Or even remember me. I feel like i'm ugly all over in every way possible. Just utterly worthless.
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18-21, F
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You are worth more and you deserve to be loved and accepted for who you are and for what you believe in.........

I understand how you feel, i live with a man that calls me a loser and says that i will never amount to anything. I feel like a piece of **** all the time, and i would love for someone to just tell me something nice for once. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out, and i hope that others will realize that.

You are a beautiful woman. You have beautiful eyes! I bet your friends adore you. And sexy WOW very nice. You seem like you would be very exciting too. I must agree some of your pictures scare me. The one with the knife. Wish I could see them all.

i dnt kno why feel this way but i know how you feel and you are not alone you are worth alot more than you think your not i may not know you but i would care because you are beautiful and im sure your an amazing person its just tough times right now

every one have some quality in it or else we woulnt be born :)

You hate yourself and punishing yourself. You have been hurt alot dont blame yourself for how others treat you as you are not responisble for the way they behave. I am sorry to hear no one has shown enough care some of us do get crap times in our life growing up. You must begin to love yourself and stop treating yourself badly cos when you are doing that you are allowing the mistreatment to continue. I would say see a counsellor because you need to talk about all the hurt to see it objectively instead of blamin yourself and allowing it to continue by wanting to hurt yourself havent you been through enough as it is. God bless take care he loves you alot.