Trying To Survive This

I'm lucky. I have a good job. I take medication for depression and anxiety. I was recently asked to take a position doing work I really enjoy and it came with financial benefits. But, the stress has been overwhelming. I try to limit what I can, but it's triggering depressive thoughts which brought me here to ask for help. Should I tell the people I work with about my depression/anxiety condition? I wonder if they knew how much the stress was hurting me that maybe they would consider more reasonable deadlines. I am able to do the work, but I'm shaking all of the time and am very anxious that I will make a mistake. Everyone understands physical illness, but no one understands that this anxiety isn't something I can control. I can't work around the clock like I used to when I was younger, yet the deadlines make me have to work very long hours. This lack of rest causes my depression to get very bad and I just want to give up. Should I admit to those I report to that this is happening to me?
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I really appreciate the comments from both of you. I had been thinking the same thing, that this isn't worth it. But, I after 32 years with one company, I was let go in 2008. The job that I'm doing now is the first time I was able to get the same salary that I was making in 2008. I love the work, just not the unreasonable deadlines which are the source of the increased anxiety. After reading your comments and thinking more about this, I agree that saying something about my illness isn't a good idea. Thanks so much for the support. It's what I needed and really was looking for.

You have been grounded by the system. Think of it, the system where everyone goes to work, slaves away, is anxious, the economy is tanking, jobs are being lost, and nobody really knows where they are going anymore. It's a cycle our government keeps us in while the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

You remind me of a friend, who , before an english exam in 12 grade, had really bad anxiety and was shaking. This is what the system does. Too much competition, and it's brutal.

Sometimes, you just have to say enough is enough, and find something more fulfilling that you enjoy, and that you can feel at ease doing.