Why is it that I type out a long post or reply and I never hit the post button, I do all my typing and research so I dont say the wrong thing and I push cancel when I'm done. Am I that afraid of rejection or do i just not think my opinions are good enough? I probably have some pretty interesting things to say but nope, I wont share them in fear of being judged I suppose. I am an extremely understanding but at the same time, I can be judgmental pretty harshly but I feel its to people who deserve it, like the ex ******** neighbor that is on section 8 housing but her boyfriend makes 3,000$ a week and he lives there. Always walking around talking about how her "baby daddy" is a mexican gangster and she aint afraid of nobody. Give me a break, I am 19 and I pay my bills, I don't have the government do it for me. He brings home more than I bring home in almost three months, every damn week. If they where not moving state in a few weeks, I would so call in on their *****. Hopefully he actually uses some of that money of this instead of the governments in their next house. Side note, the term "Baby Daddy" makes me sick, that is the father of your daughter or son, why would you lessin it to "Baby daddy" thats like if I called my fiance "**** giver" I'm sorry but thats pathetic. Man, I'm an *******.
emavii emavii
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014