I'm Too Heavy, I'm Not...

I'm too heavy, I'm not nice enough, and I can't seem to make the right choices, I usually feel worthless.
Rhyane Rhyane
22-25, F
4 Responses Oct 23, 2007

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

Cheer up for there are people who are too skinny like me -lol but its not a big deal .be pleased whatever you are .however going for the best is your right .

This is how you feel about you. Just by reading your story I would say that you are probably 10 lbs over your Ideal wieght and you could sit with the Pope and have a great time being nice to the girl next door and you made the choice to come here for help in your feelings, you are okay in your every day life. Get more confidence you are not worthless, you need you and that makes you worth something

YOU can't really do much for the outside when you don't know or care much about your inside. Write down all the question you wouls like to ask your self, and then aswer them one by one with honesty. Put your own self esteem to work!! get more love and strength for your self. be positive. YOU ARE A GOOD, PERSON, YOU DON'T HARM ANYBODY, YOU WANT TO BE BETTER, YOU ARE CARING. WOok on it and you will see that soon enough, you will wake up one morning with the strength to do the right thing. Smile!