Asked For Spanking At 16

I only had my driver's license for a couple of months, when I got into a car accident that was 100% my fault.   I was driving carelessly and backed into an oncoming car while getting out of a parking spot.  My mother's car reasonably new 1 year old or so.  I apologized to the old lady that I backed into and told her how stupid and careless I'd been.  She was nice about it and after the police came and got the details we both drove off.  I felt so guilty, I can't really explain it very well.  I just felt like I deserved to be spanked.  I had only ever been spanked on maybe 3 or 4 occassions, all of them occurred when I was a 4  to 8 yr old boy.  My dad didn't believe in it and he passed away when I was 10.  My mom would spank but only if all else failed, I guess you'd call her a last resort spanker.  The accident gave me that  same type of guilt I'd had when I'd been a really bad six year old.  I was angry with myself for a lot of other things as well.  I had once been an excellent student, but I was becoming lazy and despondent.  I was a jekyll and hyde type of character at that point in my life.  I'd have these moments when I was a typical rebellious disrespectful teenager.  Then I'd have more reflective moments and I'd realize what a jerk I was and I'd experience a lot of guilt with how I'd treated my mother.  Despite this my mother was always there for me and  I knew she was doing her utmost to try to get the best out of me.  Anyway I arrived home and explained to my mother what happened, I apologized and confessed that the accident was my fault.  She was just happy that nobody had been injured.  I told her I still felt guilty, but she just tried to support me.  I told her that she should be upset with me, not just because of the car but because of how my grades had been dropping and my attitude towards her and others was disrespectful.  I said I feel like I deserve a good spanking.  She gave me a strange look and said I was too old for that.  I nodded and told her I'd be in my room.  A few hours later she knocked on my bedroom door.  I let her in.  She asks me if I'm upset with her because there is no discipline in my life.  I started talking about how when I was a young child I knew I had to achieve.  I knew my parents wouldn't settle for half efforts and I wanted my life to be like that again.  It seemed like after my father passed away I was slowly but surely getting lazier, less responsible and disrespectful (occassionally) to those that I loved most (like all teens I suppose).  She says she understands the disrespectfulness, that she was a teen once etc.  And she stated that at least I have a conscience and can admit my faults.  She then asks me whether I think a spanking will help me overcome my guilt.  I told her it couln't hurt and that I need a fresh start.  She says okay take off your jeans and underpants and I'll be back.  Yikes, I get kind of anxious, nervous.  Anyway I remove my clothes and lay face down on the bed.  She comes back with an oval hairbrush and starts smacking me.  I was trying to be tough and I was for the first 40 or so spanks.  But my bottom became hot and sore and I began to sob quietly.  My mother continued but slowed down and gave me another 20 or so.  She then put the brush down and started to rub my back and told me that even though I was was far from perfect, I was still better than just about any other teenager she knew.  I hugged her and vowed to get my life back on track.  The following week-end I cleaned out the basement and started to do more chores around the house.  I wan't asked to I just wanted to contribute to make her life easier.  Today I am a successful bank manager that still needs an occassional spanking from time to time      
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awesome i wish that was me spanking her.

I am young... I didn't read all of it but I am younger then 16.

Anyways I have done something wrong recently and feel guilty about it but my mom has never spanked me and will never-buts also the only ne I trust with spanking me. My dad has always been too harsh and everyone agrees. Well no one on his side of thfamily but they weren't around for the time in my life when he was spanking me.

Anyways if I asked my mom and told her what happened she would problly spank me, but other then that I don't get punhed cause I ushilly do nothing wrong



A very touching story. Thank you for sharing it

Asking for a spanking is very familiar to me I asked my mom to spank me as a teen. and my son ask for a spanking recently you can read about my son's spanking when he asked. I think the best thing for you was to cry and sob during your spanking. Besides relieving our guilt a good cry illicited by a good sound bare bottom spanking by a loving parent can relieve a lot of tension. For me when I cry my sobbing might begin from as simple as watching a sad movie and at the end I am crying because of as an example the loss of my grandparents and many other reasons. I would like to know if you think I am on the right track so please email me here on ep if you get a chance.

Firmmommy, how old are your son now?<br />
Is he married?<br />
We needs a very good swing ~ it must count!

Ja, that also happened!

I hate groundings!

YES Me to . i would sooner get it over with . Sometimes Mum Grounded me and gave me a very sore Bottom .

Without Discipline their is just CHAOS . UnDisciplined youngsters do not Achieve in Schools . or get Jobs as Adults . in the 1950s 1960s Growing up with Strict Parents . i knew i had to Achieve at School or i got a very sore bottom . When i was Unruly as a teenager and my Mum took me to see the Catholic Priest . i knew i would be Severely Punished . The Caning i got across my bare bottom Hurt . The Priest showed no Marcy in frount of my Mum Caning me across my bare bottom . and it Leaves Dark red Welts across my bottom for days after . The Priest gave my Mum one of his thickest canes to take home for Disciplining me . i used to think my Mum Enjoyed using it across my bare bottom and feeling the Marks she made . it was Acceptable in the 1950s 1960s and LEGAL back then . no one Complained if Parents Smacked their youngsters if it was Deserved . i Deserved all i got and more Sometimes . Without Discipline their is just CHAOS

i remember once maybe twice when i was youngr that i ever ask for spanking<br />
my mom tends to ground but i wanted to go out so one weekend i ask for spanking instead of grounding she htought about it an said are you sure i said yes please i was like 15 at time my pants an underpants pull own bendin over side of bed mom came in with the paddle an 10 mins of nothing but swat after swat crying out like a baby doint the spanking dance when done omg i coulnt not sit at all but i did not get grounded

Hwilly,<br />
I also had a spanking from a teacher on my mothers request.<br />
(See my story: Spanked by an outsider).

My Mum took me to the Catholic Priest to be Severely Caned Across my bare bottom . i Deserved it i was very Unruly as a teenager

S/boy,<br />
Excellent comment! I agree 100% with all you said.

Thank you gspankero51 . Not everyone Would Agree or UnderStand . A GrownMan Getting Punished Naked By His Mother . People Get Motivation in Different Ways .

I agree with your story thanks for posting

This is for The BankManager . i was Spanked on my bare bottom from a very young Child . in my teens i was Severely Straped Across my bare bottom for anyething i did wrong . My was Very Strict and never let me of with anyething Growing up . She even got a Thick Rattan Cane to use Across my bare bottom for Smoking When i was Age 16 . i never ever Smoked Again Thanks to my mum . i Think i to was Successfull in Business Because of the Discipline i got at Home . as an Adult if i was Lazy or Things were going Badly . i Would Say to my Mum i have been A Very NaughtyMan . My Mum Would say Corrective Therapy is Needed Parental Discipline your not to old yet David ***** Naked . i did as i was told i Removed all my Clothes i was used to being Naked infrount of my Mum . My Pain Threshhold was High after Growing up with my bottom Punished so often over the years By my Mum . She new i had to be Severely Punished to make me Cry . When i was Naked Mum Would Say Bendover the Sofa . Then she would Smack me by hand Until Both Cheeks were red and her hand hurt . Then i would be told to Stand by the Wall in the Livingroom . Mum Would go to Get The Thick Leather Strap . Lean on the Wall Hands Wide apart and Legs Then i Would be Thrashed Until i was Crying . O yes Even as A GrownMan i Cryed i new my mum would never Stop Unitl i was Crying and even then she would Whack me harder and Faster as i was Crying . When my bare bottom was red and Extremeley Bruised . Mum Would Stop and Rub Cream all over as i Cryed . SomeTimes My Peins get hard Throbbing . Mum was used to seing my pei ns Throbbing it happened lots of times from Age13 . if i was Strapped Severely or Caned Hard . its Normal Mum Would Say . Then We Would Both Have A Whisky . i Would Stay Naked Waiting for My Mum To say get dressed . i was often Caned Befor getting Dressed . i had my Drink . Then Mum Said do you Deserve to be Caned David . if i felt i could Take the Cane Across my ALready Bruised Bare Bottom i would say YES Mum . Bendover David hands on your knees legs wide apart . Mum Would Get The Rattan Cane Then Whack 12 Times Then say Get Dressed . We would Have another Whisky befor i Went Home . Corrective Therapy Worked for me . i was Lucky to have an Understanding Mother That new i needed Motivation even as an Adult . People say Behind A Successfull Man their is ALways A Strong Woman . For me it was my mum i Loved her lots and miss her She died Age 86 years young and Caned my bare bottom one week befor she died . Respected Trusted Gent , Age 62years young . Looking Back .

Castle7,<br />
Hear-hear for your comment!!

Spoiled2Princess is the one that I would like to send a message to. She is obviously a little interested in the subject of spanking or retribution for naughty things done. Perhaps she really does fancy a spanking for her rebellious behaviour and wishes that someone would take control of her instead of letting her get away with being such a little pain to her mum. There is no excuse for it unless her mum has been horrible to her. If she sends me a message I will certainly give her a verbal spanking or caning on the bare bum after lifting her skirt up to show her little round bum cheeks. They will soon be red with stripes from a well deserved caning. How many strokes does she think she can take? She could always try a bit of self flagellation to help her through this rebellious phase. She may even enjoy it.

tttax, your last sentence is not unusual. I think most adults in a position of some authority relish being able to hand over the reins from time to time. Do you have someone to fulfill your wishes?

The fire could have been a hell of a problem.The same happened to me and I asked my wife to spank me!

When I was 15 I started a field on fire nothing was destroyed just a lot of grass burned,A neighbor saw me and called the fire dept.they came to my house and told my parents what i had done,I thought i would get spanked for sure.My dad had done the same thing when he was my age so I did not get in much trouble,I felt really bad about what I did And told my mom I should be punnished for it, she could not beleive that I wanted to be spanked I had not been spanked in like 4-5 years.So After dinner she told me to go to my room and she would be there in a minute,she came in my room with the paddle she always used on me, sat on the edge of my Bed told me to take my pants down put me over her knee and gave me 20 swats I thought she was done because she stopped,I started to get up and she pushed me back down and said im just getting started.Then she pulled my underware down and spanked me for the next 30-45 minutes she never spanked me like that before.

Excellent comment Wilma!<br />
I agree whole hearted. Thanks for posting.

I really liked this story, i copied it an placed it in my files of memorable stories.<br />
<br />
I wrote a story on another site “I will never be too old to be spanked” in which I mentioned that so many adults that I have spoken to including myself desire to be spanked because of some feeling of guilt. You made the comment to your mother after you had the car wreck that, “I felt so guilty, I can't really explain it very well. I just felt like I deserved to be spanked.” I have spoken to so many people who told me that the reasons they desire to be spanked as an adult was because of feelings of guilt or shame for something that they did as a child or a younger adult. I know from my own personal experience that I desire to be spanked as an adult is because of guilt and shame for something that I did when I was a child. I will not tell what I did as a child that caused me to feel so guilty and ashamed. I will relate another incident in this blog.<br />
I remember when I was 17 or 18 years old I worked full time my last two years of high school and I went to evening high school. I purchased my first car with the money I earned from my job. I was coming home from school one night it was in the fall in upstate New York it had been raining and there were wet leaves on the road. I made the dumb mistake of driving too fast out of the school parking lot showing off or something, I lost control of the car ran over a curb damaged the undercarriage and got a flat tire. I was not hurt but it could have been so much worse as I could have hit a pedestrian or ran into a tree. As I was out in the drizzling rain changing the tire I thought how stupid I had been to drive so fast in those dangerous conditions. I felt as if I needed a spanking at that moment and how much better I would have felt if I had gotten one. Unfortunately there was no one to give me a spanking so I had to live with the consequences of the unnecessary expense of buying another tire and paying to have the undercarriage of my car fixed. I do not find it odd or unusual in any way that Tttax felt under those circumstances that he felt that he deserved a spanking. It was good that he had someone that could give him a spanking and made him feel better. <br />
<br />

Kctiger, very interesting question!

Excellent story!<br />
I love the comments from Fincastle and Y/A/M!<br />
Because you learned to accept the consequences for your actions, you are a successful businessman today. You know your slate had to be wiped clean so that you can make a fresh start. Spanking was the tool to relieve you from your guilt-feelings and to get closure. Your mother demonstrated it with love to you.<br />
<br />
It's not even worth the time to comment on Spoilt's comment, coz her name says it all. Calling yourself a princess?! Fortunately she admits that she is spoiled!

It is commendable of you to know that you did wrong and accept the consequences for it...even to *ask* for the consequences! It showed great maturity for you to be able to do that. Not many 16 year olds would have.

Princess I wasn't spoiled like you, so guilt is an emotion I know of. Haven't you ever felt guilty? Do you not have moments when you are disgusted with yourself? I was at the time and felt like I deserved one.

I just wanna know, why would you asked to be spanked. I mean if oyu are told you are going to be spanked wouldnt you try to talk your parents out of it...DUH!!! I'm 15 and I'm going through the whole disrespectful age where I rebell aginst my mother, scream, yell, and throw my stuff for my way. But I would never ask for a spanking or take one at my age.

I don't think that it would have made my father proud. He didn't believe in spanking and never did spank me. He was someone though that I never wanted to disappoint. He seemed to know all the right buttons to push to get the most out of me and after his death I was kind of lost and depressed. Those years between 13-18 were my low point. I was trying to fit in with my peer group at school but it seemed like the direction they were headed in, was in conflict with who I'd been and the values my parents had instilled in me. I was being rebellious towards my mother, making fun of her at times. I know this is common but I'd feel guilty about this in my humbler moments. The car accident wasn't intentional but it was careless. The guilt I felt about it got me thinking about my overall life direction. The more I thought, the more disgusted with myself I became. The whole spanking thing just seemed natural. The only times my mother had spanked me had been for rebelliousness and outright disrespect towards her or others. This only happened when I was probably between say 4 and 8 years old. Yet in the past few years I had been getting away with a lot of lip and had beening slacking off at school with little or no consequences. I associated spankings with guilt and that was my predominant emotion that day. The usual process of things that led up to spankings were push my mother too far by being rebellious or belligerent. Get sent to my room to wait. This is where the thinking takes place and the guilt takes over. Receive the spanking. Be forgiven and start fresh with the slate wiped clean so to speak. That day I felt a whole lot of guilt and I wanted a fresh start. The only ingredient missing was the spanking.

Is it that you just feel so mad at yourself that you feel that you need a spanking? Or is it something else, is it because you want to make your father proud? It sound's like your a very successful man and I think you are a very dependable, conscientious and caring man.