Spanking A Naughty Rubber Pants Girl

I have a fetish for latex rubber pants, and have a time or so had a young a young lady play the part of my "naughty rubber pants girl" getting a spanking. It 's fun the "No No No " Please stop pleeesa Daddie NO NO NO owl OWl Stop right now, this is fun, all the screaming she never gave the "Safe Word" and we just kept going she got wet I got hard then harder, this became uncontrolable and I had to Ram home my hard penis ******* it in an out , faster FASTER, then Harder then Ramming it as Hard as I could feeling my **** bouncing off her insides and stretching her belly button area boy was she tight, my load just kept coming and coming. and that how we ****** and junior was born from this and he is a great son...........After all it was a great **** that produced him. and so a young lady with a great butt, wearing pink latex panties and having this great rubber covered cheeks laying acrcoss lap, gives me more stimulus then I can handle Wow Spank SPank SPAnk SPANk SPANK ouch ouwl no no please stop
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1 Response Dec 14, 2010

Lucky girl > I have a rubber-plastic panties wearing fetish and I love being spanked while I'am wearing them ! I'am not into the diaper wearing thing , just the smooth tight feeling of the rubber or plastic rubbing against my skin is a huge turn on for me ...rubberpantiesboy