Spanked Legs Up (diaper Position)

I was 17 and I was sent by my parents to my aunt Brenda's farm to spend one month of the summer holydays with her. She was the guardian of a 18 years old nice looking and strong young man, Rick, whom I was getting along very well with. He was educated strictly but firmly. He was wearing most of time cut offs and corduroy short shorts on the farm and was still submitted to corporal punishments when aunt Brenda deemed it necessary. Every day, my aunt would take note of all my cousin's misdeeds(or what she considered misdeeds) so that at the end of the day she would get a score to settle with him. Before going to bed, Rick got always the impression that he had to go and pay to the cashier. It was always the same ritual: my aunt rushed in the room, made Rick with a snap of her fingers lay down face up across the bed, yanked down his pyjamas and his briefs, flipped up the top over his head, ordered him to lift his both legs and to hold them firmly in the air. She then started spanking with a strap his bare bottom his thighs and his legs with a strenght and precision that I have not witnessed yet. It startled me out of my wits not because Rick was punished. I was routinely spanked as hard as he at home. No, I was flabergastered by the way, the diaper position, in which he was spanked.I has never imagined that a late teen could be spanked like a kid and could display his privates  so shamelessly. I could see his genitals in erection swaying from side to side, moving up, moving down, his botton and his thighs  getting reddened  in a flash by the imprints of the strap. The pain was horrible. He could have gotten 12 to 15 strokes of the strap in this position. At the beginning, he was showing only a wince of pain but gradually, as the thrashing was going on, he was squealing like a young kid, wriggling, squirming and yelping. I felt really bad for him

That night, it seemed to Rick, that he knew that he needed a spanking and was looking forward secretely to it. The day before, he went to the shopping mall and tried to steal one of his favourites CD's. The manager who knew my aunt called her to report the theft. Back home, she ordered him to return the CD with sincere apologies with the promise of a severe punishment the same night.

The next morning, Rick appeared dejected, pensive,sorrow ful, resolved and repentive but quiet and peaceful, knowing that he had already paid for his sin, For me, it was the first and the last time that I saw a late teen punished so shamelessly in the diaper position.
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I got spanked legs up occasionally. Uncomfortable and thoroughly embarrassing!

I actually preferred getting spanked in the diaper position, though it didn’t happen as often as the other ways. It hurt more, but it was over a lot quicker. My instinct made it so I never cooperated with the usual spankings, often standing up. I would squirm, tug, wiggle, and kept putting my hands behind my butt, which infuriated my father to no end. So it often took a half hour to get me spanked, because of all the trouble I caused, my father’s yelling, and having to start over so much.
When I was on my back, usually in bed, my father would take my legs with his left arm, and just about pull them over my head. Then he’d go to town on my butt with his right hand. There was no way I could go anywhere. He could hold me more than tight enough. I usually had my hands over my privates, more out of fear than anything else. So that way my spankings went pretty fast. Usually I had to stay in bed for some time, as part of my punishment. It also seemed weirdly more personal than the other ways, watching my father spank my butt. Hard to explain. The last time I was spanked that way was at 21.

i got spanked in diaper position and it was safe, or maybe my mom was professional spanker. she just had trouble to keep my feet held up still, so she would help from others to hold my legs.

i know what that is like. I'm 14 nearly 15 and i get spanked for every little thing. When i do its almost always in the diaper position (laying on my back, feet held in the air, etc). I'm also made to wear an actual diaper a lot of the time but i dont really want to get into that right now. Guess its just easier cause when i do i dont wear anything else and they can just rip it off and spank me in the diaper position then put another one on me, dont like it but since im spanked a lot it does make things easier for them. i understand that i need to be spanked but it doesnt mean i have to like it. im really embarased by it, its not so bad getting a normal spanking but being exposed like this in a diaper position for a long time makes me feel pretty bad, worse if people are over, i just really hate being exposed like that when im nearly 15 and they often get my private bits because they get in the way, not sure if its accidental or not but it hurts so much it really makes me want to throw up after and im nearly 15 but usually crying like a baby as if i was 2 before its over. I know i need to grow up. Im sorry if this seems like im whining, i know i need spankings sometimes, i just dont like the way they go about it ad it feels a lot better to talk about

This post is almost two years old, and I don't even know if some of these posts are true because they are difficult to believe. But if you are being sincere, please speak to a counselor at your school about this. This sounds very psychologically damaging and really worries me. I can imagine it would be difficult, but in a year or two you won't have access to free counseling, and I think it could be really important.

Ya I'm 21 years old and my mom still spanks me in that position when I come home from college. If I say one word of back talk to her it's time for a spanking. One time I she told me to do my homework when I came home and I said it would only take a few minutes and I'd do it later. She told me to do it again and I said "really mom it won't take that long I'll do it later. So she screamed at me to go to my room. A few minutes later she came up to my room and told me to stand up and look at her so I did. So I had to stand there while she undid my pants and shirt. Lastly she took off my briefs. Then she told me to go stand in the corner until she came back. So I waited for about an hour and she dismally came back. She explained to me why I was being spanked then took me down to the dining room still unclothed and told me to sit on the table. Then she walked back in with the entire family and a few of my friends and my girlfriend she had invited over. Then she snapped her fingers with was the signal for me to lift my legs up nice and high and hold them there. She proceeded to spank me in front of everyone. When I started squirming she asked my girlfriend and one of my friends to hold my legs high and apart. Then I started crying and she spanked me even harder. Because of this I peed myself and not just a little bit like a whole bladder full. She made me lay in it and spanked me harder and longer. It was so humiliating even though I was turned on by it. I got stiff so she spanked my penis a few light times. So she finished up my spanking by which time I was balling my eyes out and soaked in pee, my buttocks were a deep red from the more than 200 spanks. She asked my why I was spanked and I told her because I back talked. She said "uh-huh now applogize to me" and I did. Then she said "now for wasting everyone's time they are all going to spank you 15 times" I said crying "yes mother as you wish" so everyone spanked me. Then I was made to go in the corner and stand in towards it for an hour while they all talked and occasionally gave my red but a hard smack. After an hour they all went home. My mom still does this if I do something really bad.

I meant finally instead of dismally

I was put in that position and spanked more times than i can remembered when i was in college a few years back. Not even by my parents but by guys in the fraternity during my pledged year. I remember having to thank them for each spank and asking for more. When they finally got tired, they put a diaper on me before allowing me to get up and go.

Spanked in diaper postion is embrassing and painfull but i supose that the point of a spanking

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I think you are correct - the legs up position IS used predominantly on girls, but clearly there are some mothers (as in this case) do use legs up on boys too.

I thought legs up position is for girls only.

Did you get belted in this position?

I agree, stacygirl, the legs up position is for girls. When my mother put me in that position, I told her that but she just said "yes it is" and spanked my upturned ***.
I'm in college now and still not safe from spanking at home, but I haven't been spanked in the diapering position since I entered college.

I am a 17 yo male and usually get my spanking legs up

It is because if you strike the testicles it can cause permanent damage.

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I Too have been spanked in this postion as a teenager but with hairbrush not strap it hurts!

How old were you Paul the last time you were spanked bare and the last time in the diaper position. Who spanked you and how much did you cry? How often were you spanked as a teenager growing up by your parents?

got spanked recently re the above as an adult! by my disiplinaraine in legs up postion cryed? was nearly screaming!! also was regulary spanked as a teenager OTK by mum even now as an adult, still did the kicking,squirming,wriggling bit! cane on bottom crease! bottom hurts a few days later, eg sitting to write this hurts!!