Spanked In My Cutoffs And My Green Polo

When I was an undergraduate and still living at home,I didn't think well about the home rules and believed wrongly that I was above these rules and particularly immune from any corporal punishment that I usually got whatever my age,if per chance I came to break one or some of these sacrosanct rules.I have to reckon  by the way that I knew perfectly  what these rules were about. I was, as you might say, playing fast and loose with  them. and was not particularly kind to my parents, rather,sassy, disrespectful and even rude toward them.They tolerated this as long as.. One night, talking on the telephone to one of my college friends,dad heard me say the F word and other profanities. I knew perfectly that this word and other swearwords were not allowed in this house, like smoking, wanking and making love at home with a girlfriend, for example. I thought that for my dad, this outburst of bad language was the last straw that broke the camel's back. When I got off the phone, he scolded in no uncertain terms. As I was bucking up at his reprimand, incensed, he dragged me down to my bedroom, squeezing my neck tucked strongly under his left shoulder. Then, in my room, instead  of having my upperbody or naked trunk bent on my desk,******** to the waist, as usual, he  ordered me to pull down right away my cutoffs and my skivvies. Of course, I realized immediately dumfounded what  I was  up to, but  this was precipitated by my bad behavior and that there was no avoiding the consequences.  Resignedly, I put my hands on my head. Dad made me put over his knees and flipped up my green polo over my head,so that I was almost in the nude. He explained to me that he never thought he would have to spank at my age after all these years, but that my behavior left him no choice. He then proceeded to give one of the hardest spankings with the hand I have ever received. I was naturally squirming and crying like a  little 8 years old brat and promising desesperately to amend my ways before he was through. I reckon that even at about 20. I was quite a wuss  whenI was meted out a good bare bottom spanking. Dad was heavy-framed with large and bony hands   I was yelling, bawling and moaning after five or six licks. I am sure that all the neighbors heard the commotion and knew what was happening. After what seemed like an eternity, and my bottom in fire, Dad thought that I was sufficiently chastised and told me to pull my undies and my cutoffs back, with the threat that future bad behavior or any foul language will be met with similar consequences. I still received occasionally some other spankings when I strayed " from the straight and narrow"  like the good and proper tanning I got when mom found out a pile of gay ***** magazines:"Ich and Du" under my pillows, but not as severe as this one. And not coincidentally, many neighbors and members of the family have complimented my parents on how courteous,polite and helpful I had become. Anyway, I could not put on my cutoffs or my shorts for at least one week.  I enjoyed even at this age showing my smooth, creamy and coltish legs and thighs. and narcissist enough I didn't consider it beneath me to still get bare-bottomed spanked  at about 20. I was getting a good  reason to blow a load and a load of my manly juice in the coling out period.
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Like you Lafrance I also got to big for my shoes, I was swearing and acting the big I am, but I soon found out that my fathers hand was just as heavy as it always was. This happened when I was 22 and in the Service. I soon learned my lesson.