My Husband Spanked Me Tonight!!!!!!

My husband and I Have never done the hole domestic discipline thing before or anything! But I do have a secret fetish for spankings and my hubby has never but gave me a few love taps before and did not even hurt but today my friend was a different story and this is the weird part about this story I just joined this group today and was reading all the story's and they were at actually turning me on!!!! And my hubby had no idea I was even looking at this site because he was at work he is a mail man... Anyways today and my hubby and I were upset at each other and he came home and I was laying on my bed and was on this site on my iPod so I quickley got off and I don't how he knew I was turned on and all I wanted was to be spanked but it's like he read my mind... And I am still mad at him at this moment and he climes on top of me and sorta gives me a hug letting me know he don't wanna fight and he loves me. And he sorta pats my butt and I kind of squealed a little and he said oh you want another spanking? ... And I did not say anything but he spanked me again and he noticed I was liking it so he graves my pants and tears them off me then he takes my panties off and I am bare *** naked!!! And he spanks me harder and harder and harder until Iam screaming ouchy so he said oh ya that hurts? I said yes so he even gave me a harder spanking where I finally yelled MERCEY lol and he stoped and rubbed my hurt *** down anyways after a few mins of recovery he started spanking me again and it hurt so bad but omg it was soooooooooooo sexy at the same time . Needless to say my *** is black blue purple red bumpy and I can't even sit on it at the moment but I loved every minute of the spanking session it's almost like I needed it!!! It completely distressed me and I really injoyed my hubby doing this to me... Does anyone think this is normal to feel this way.? Lol
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Yes omg yes its normal sweety. I love it when my hubby paddles my ***. He said he wants another gurl to be with me n she gets it to. But im haveing troubles doing that

Nothing wrong with that.

My husaband spanks me. Not the other way around. In fact he just spanked me tonight before bedtime. Now I am up because my sore bottom woke me.Our marriage isn't perfect but a trip over his knee and a sound spanking I can still feel the next day helps greatly. We are going on three decades now. Enjoy and learn from your spankings. Dont be afraid to let him take charge if he wants. You don't have to spank him too for it to be alright to do.Be a nice girl and thank him afterewards for spanking you and never refuse or fight back when he says you are about to get one. You will be glad you did!

so many marriages could be saved if only more couples had some kind of agrement so settle disputes by disapline in stead of fighting all the time. if you and your other half sit down and talk about what is ******* you each off and agree what the punisment should be for each infraction. and both people must be allowed to spank the other any time one of you misbehaves. it would be a very clensing thing for both and after the spanking the trangretion must never be spoken of again the spanking cleared the air and all is now forgiven. end of story the book has been erased of wrong doings.

Wow! That kind of spanking sounds so erotic! I would love for something like that to happen to me.

yes it is ,a lot of men and women enjoy it as it does turn them on,, so enjoy the spanking as they come,<br />
you really ought to discuss it with your hubby ,to help him out letting him know you want and need them . <br />
enjoy and have fun .