Maternal Spankings... And How To Get Them.

I am now spanked regularly by my pseudo-Mom who, though not a born-spanko such as myself, she has taken to the belt and the paddle very effectively, and with purpose. Its not easy to find someone to spank you - or someone to spank, for that matter - but I'm living proof that both can be had. The key is to find a "giving" type woman who is perhaps not "perfect" in every way. Give her the attention she needs, and then, after a few drinks - or more - swap "fantasies". Be casual about it, like its no big deal - everyone has "fantasies", right? Doesn't mean we all want to live them out... (but we do). Gauge her reaction. She might surprise you. If you want to see our "work", check out these clips. There are free previews. This isn't a sales pitch; just some friendly advice from a guy who finally made it happen, and finds himself in a "real" spanking household.

Let me know what you think. If you're into a womanly woman, spanking in a no nonsense - and very hard - manner, then I'm sure you'll be happy to see this can happen.
ynot2 ynot2
Oct 17, 2011