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Spanked By A Schoolteacher

I was recently in Cambodia on assignment teaching English in a small provincial school. The teacher for grade 6 girls was a woman of around 45 and about the same height as myself; tall for a Cambodian and around 20 years my junior. She tended to wear a smart uniform of knee length skirt and white blouse. Her hair was long and usually coiled around the top of her head. In class she carried a ***** of bamboo about 2 feet long and 1/4 inch in diameter. It got a lot of use, mostly gentle taps but sometimes quite hard swats were given. She kept glancing at me after administering the bamboo, aware that I was watching her. She caught my eye and smiled. God! I wanted to be spanked by her! I had not had a spanking since the mother of my school-day friend had moved away.
At the end of the school day I sat in the park outside the school. A few minutes later she walked by, saw me and asked if she could sit. I pointed to the bench and she sat down next to me, crossing her long legs. Her English was poor but good enough for me to follow. We soon got round to the topic of spanking. "Did your teacher punish you?" she said. I told her I was sometimes spanked but now it was banned in our schools. She went on to tell me about her experiences as a child and suddenly took a deep breath. She said that her mother still spanks her occasionally. Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkling so I decided to test the waters! I told her my parents were dead so I had nobody to spank me now. She swallowed hard and her hand brushed my cheek. "I can be your mama if you like but we must keep it secret or I will be fired". "I would like that, Mama" I replied. She gave me the address of her apartment and told me to arrive at 8 pm.
I raced back to my lodgings, showered and shaved, dressed in casual clothes and set off to her apartment. She opened the door and let me in. Her hair was loose and framed her almond-shaped face to perfection. She was still wearing the school skirt but now had on a lacy top that showed her cleavage to full advantage. She saw my gaze in that direction and said "so you like mamma's breasts?" She took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. On the bed were a pair of blue shorts and a short sleeved white shirt. "Undress completely, change into these and call me when you are ready" she said. The clothes were a tight fit and I suspected that I was not the first person to receive an adult spanking from her. Anyway, I ******** off slowly, carefully folding my clothes at the bottom of the bed. I donned the clothes she had prepared for me, took three deep breaths and called out to her: "Mama! I'm ready!" She came in and sat on the bed next to me. Then followed an interrogation which felt more than just role-play. I was able to completely let go with her knowing I was in safe and experienced hands. I could feel things welling up inside me, longing to be released and forgiven. At last she ordered me to stand up. he slowly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Then she ordered me to place my hands on my head and she slowly pulled down my shorts to my ankles. "OK! are you ready to be spanked, son" she whispered. "Yes, Mama" I replied. She gestured and I lay over her knees and tried to relax as I waited for my spanking to begin. She started gently but soon built up pace and intensity as she reminded me of my responses during the interrogation. At last it was over and she rubbed an ointment over by burning cheeks. Then she cradled my head to her now bare breasts and guided my lips to her waiting nipple. I set off back to my lodgings with a burning butt and hopes for future spankings with my new mama. In all I received 4 spankings from her before I had to return home. She invited me to visit her anytime if I was ever in Cambodia again.
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Such a lucky guy. Chance would be fine thing.