From The Very Start

My wife and I were very young when we got married and looking back I was also very immature.I would`t help around the house left my dirty cloths on the floor.We had loads of rows until one day my wife said as I was acting like a big kid she would treat me like one and ordered me to drop my pants and bend over.I said no way. Her reply was to drop my pants and take a spanking or she would be leaving.That was the last thing I wanted as I Loved her so much .
I bent over the table with my pants around my ankles. My wife took hold of my belt and started to beat the hell out of my bare arse .I did`t know my young wife was so strong .when she had finished my arse was red raw and for the next few days sitting was a problem. The black and blue bruises stayed for over a week.From then on I was more helpful around the house. We have now been married for over forty years and now and again she still bends me over for hard spanking when I get out of line.
(I am new to this site and this is a true story from my marriage I have many more to tell please let know if I should write some more )
regards Sorebut
sorebut sorebut
56-60, M
Sep 15, 2012