Spanking For Therapy

For women only

I have spanked for over 40 years and have used this policy to help women with long and short time problems. If you have something or even a life style which you feel bad about and want to change, I can help.. If you have done some actions which you now regret or are affecting you than I can help.If stress or you thoughts of you actions bother you, I can help.

Spanking is used as an effective tool but so is mentoring as well as listening to your problem or problems. Everything is strictly in confidence. Everything is non-sexual but I focus on you and your problem. I work with individual and each woman is different with different problems.

Most of my experience is not for a quick session, a quick fix and a spanking but trying to change your feelings which takes time and sessions. Changing attitudes which affects everything is especially hard sometimes. I am complete serious and focused. This also means you need to be serious and devoted to correction and change.

One not only needs to feel the spankings but get through the callused emotions and change you inside along with understanding.

I host in Columbus, Ohio

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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I need to quit smoking do u think a spanking would work for me

I need to be disciplined. Im very lazy. I don't clean. I don't cook. I dont do Landry. I work very few hours. And sit in my chair pretty much all day. What would you do to me?

You may be in your chair but I would make sure it wasn't comfortable most of the time!!! You be in another position and that is otk.

And then what?