Lesson Learned The Hard Way

I have a problem remember to take my meds. It's not that I don't want to or side effects are horrible, I simply forget. Forgetting the medication is not only bad for my health-its bad for my butt too.
Lincoln came over today. I knew I was getting spanked for skipping two doses this week. I knew I was in big time trouble and I am not ashamed to admit it, I was scared. Do not think Lincoln is this big, scary, don't want to meet in a dark alley kind of guy. He is actually very calm, quiet, relaxed. They say it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Back to fear. I am not now, nor ever will be scared of Lincoln-his spanking are a different story.
I have read and seen videos of women being spanked and the man yelling or lecturing during the spanking and I have always pitied those poor girls. Lincoln, thank goodness, does not do that (His friend Bob does, but that's a different story). Lincoln doesn't lecture at all! His idea is I know what I did, I have admitted to it, there is no need for either one of us to repeat it. The moment he walked in the door-I knew I better treasure the comfort of sitting as long as possible!
Ever punishment spanking that Lincoln gives starts off over-the-knee and bare butted. No warm up. This spanking started off just like that. On the couch, over his lap, squeezing a pillow for dear life. To my surprise, this spanking was going to be a little different in ways that amazed me and I am still processing. His hand came down with a force I don't remember feeling before. Hard, steady slaps alternating each cheek, up and down, thighs and sit spot. This spanking was not going to leave any skin back there untouched! Then his voice. Besides the usual warning to hold still, feet down, keep hands away (I've gotten so muich betting at behaving-kudos) he's talking about my meds. He tells me I will take them. I won't forget. Way to make sure the point gets across! This spanking is a hard one for me to behave. It is ohmigosh setting my tush on fire! Alas! The rapid fire comes. Now, I have a love/hate feeling about rapid fire. I hate it because well, it's rapid fire. I love it because that means the current set will be done. Done it is and he lets me catch my breath and relax a bit. Here's where I really show I am a dumbass. Most people in a bare butt laying across someone's lap is not going to confess to another crime. Not me, guilt is such a big burden! I admit to going over my soda limit for the week. He tells me we will deal with that too. Great.
Time to finish the med punishment. He pulls out this loopy Johnny thing or Johnny loopy thing-whatever. It's homemade. DIY website. Ladies: do not let your curiosity get you. Take my advice, that thing is demonic! I can tell his arm does not lift up very hard and I know there is not much force behind his swing but, my gawd that thing stings worse than a scorpion with rabies! Yes, I know scorpions cannot get rabies, don't dote on it. Yes, when that thing hits your bottom you feel a pain that is hard to describe. Not a deep pain like a paddle, not a slap of the belt type sting but WOW! I would not even attack my worst enemy with that thing! Yes, I am done talking about it. That part of my spanking does eventually end and when it does I am sore, and ashamed of my behavior. Lesson learned on that. Do whatever I can to remember to take my pills! I'm thinking of keeping them by the coffee maker. First thing I do in the morning is drink coffee. Last thing at night I do is grind my beans. Perfect! No way do I want another spanking like that again!!!
Now, it is time to be spanked for soda. Yes, it's an ongoing issue. I have begged for the limit to increase, but Lincoln says I will never quit if he increases my limit. He's right, but oh nothing tastes as good as ice-cold fountain soda. The sweet carbonated beverage tickling your tastebuds! Mmmmmm :) That mean ol' scale in the bathroom reminds me just how much soda I consume. I am still on his lap, on the couch, squeezing the pillow when he starts to hand spank me for the soda. I cannot behave! My hand is flying back, I am trying so hard to keep my behind out of the line of fire! I know better but I am in so much pain! He tells me to calm down or I can go to the corner. That usually works but ouch! He stops spanking and tells me it's not working because I'm just not behaving. I kneel infront of the couch and rub my poor bum while he goes to fetch whatever it is he needs. Dumbass party of one right here. The bathbrush!!!! I know better than to misbehave when that thing is on the job. Ever get spanked on the thighs with that, even lightly? Something you do not to repeat. I try my damnest to hold still and keep my arms in front of me. To show I'm trying to be good I even try to keep my butt relaxed instead of clenched. I am not sure how many smacks I took, or how long I was spanked. I was physically and emotionally worn out! He always seems to know when those tears start, even though I keep my head buried. He begins the rapid fire and although I am done I know I struggled (cannot really be helped). When he finished I laid there, over the top of him like a limp rag sobbing in the pillow, trying to calm myself down. He just lets me. I love that about his spankings. He lets me calm down on my own. I know he's there for the cuddles and hugs when I am ready. I am forgiven and it's all done.
Eight hours after that spanking and I am still sore and tender and a little pink. I am nursing the bum of a well spanked girl. I feel better since Lincoln spanked me, but now I am dealing with soda again. Yea, I know already. Since Sundays' are my "start over" days I have a clean slate with soda. I enjoyed a can of cold Coke when getting a manicure this morning. Yum! As I am typing this I downed a 32 ounce soda from McDonalds. Do the math: 32 + 12= 44 ounces in one day! My goal is 60 ounces a week!! That leaves only 16 ounces! I am going to disappoint Lincoln, his friend Bob and myself. I was trying to go a whole week without punishment. To all those reading. Please pray for me to make it through the week without anymore soda. Please also pray that if I do go over Lincoln will not call Bob to assist him. I am so worried.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I've been good. Still can have 16 ounces! Waking up this morning I have a craving. Going to be hard to resist!

Instead of regular soda, why don't you try one that's called Sparkling Ice? No calories, no sugar, but GREAT taste! many different flavors, too. You're lucky to get 60 ounces. I had to stop cold turkey. 60 oz = 10 oz /day. one day off. do the numbers, or pay the price. simple as that! :) sorry about your bottom. I feel your pain.

thanks! I did give up soda for awhile with no trouble. then my sister or brother would leave 12 or 24 packs at my place and BOOM, i got hooked. I might try what you suggest. My bottom is soooo sore :)