I Acted Like A Child-i Was Spanked Like A Child

Poor Bob. I teased him so bad and I was such a brat towards him. Partly because I was just having fun and partly because I just wanted to see how far I can push him. Push him I did-right over the edge!
I haven't had my daily coffee dose yet, so I'm just going to get right to the butt beating and skip everything that led up to it. All you need to know is what I already said and that I was so bratty he informed Lincoln. Lincoln told me if I didn't quit that Bob can use the wooden spoon. Bob told me he was going to use the wooden spoon. I honestly didn't believe either one, yet I had no reason to doubt them.
Bob walked in and I was lying on the couch playing on my phone (my lifeline). Surprise was my reaction when he told me to get up. Very stern was the command. No hug, hi, how are you. I did give him a hug and a hi, but wasn't too long afterwards I found myself in a horizontal position over his lap. No time was wasted before that first swat hit my clothed bottom. Hard from the get go, but I was determined to "behave" as much as possible. Ouch and ow were the words I whispered-no yelling, trying to be good. I thought I did exceptionally well considering the pace and power he delivered. When my bottom was bared-that was it. Kicking, hands back, struggling. I don't know why I get like that when I am bared, yes it does hurt a little bit more but not that bad. That portion of my spanking ended. I guess I should have mentioned that this was a "reminder" spanking. I kinda goofed this week and it is so bad that Lincoln will be correcting me for it.
Out comes the wooden spoon. Wooden spoon is not in my top list of implements I hate. I actually consider it to be a very mild implement. When Bob uses it, it goes beyond the normal sting. I think it's because it seems like constant rapid fire. So, I try to behave and failed. Like I said I think it's his speed. I am not use to it. Hands did fly back. Hands were spanked with the spoon (something Lincoln does that I really hate) and he had to put the spoon down and bust me with his hand again before going back to the spoon. OMG, the sting!! I am not sure how or why, but I ended up on the floor and that is where my spanking continued and ended. Embarrassed party of one-over here.
Bob was kind enough to let me lie there and calm down for a bit, but then I got a taste of my own medicine. He teased me. Asking me questions like, "did it hurt," "are you afraid of the spoon now," "should I take a picture of your red *** and send it to Lincoln?" After awhile I called him an ***. Yea dumb, I know. Boy was he livid!!! He did calm down a bit before telling me to bend over the arm of the loveseat. I protested the entire ten mile trip (seemed like it) to the loveseat. "I didn't do anything!" I honestly believed I was in the right for calling him an ***! He did provoke me. So, over the arm I go and he wasted no time with his hand coming in contact to my already warm behind. I don't know if it was because I had just been spanked or the actual force he used, but my gawd it hurt! I was in a position that did not allow me to use my hands as a block or to even kick. I had no choice but to endure it. Hand was not enough and the spoon met me once again. I gave up, literally. No fight left in me. Pride gone. Ego wounded. Yep, did the one thing I swore I would never do with him. I cried. I was embarrassed to be crying like a baby and I was so humilated! Not sure how many strokes he gave me after the tears came, but next thing I knew-he moved my legs to the floor so my top half was still on the cushions. I was so grateful at this point for "me time." He gave me all the time I needed. Yes, I was very upset over everything. The events that led up to his visit, the spanking, me calling him an ***, over the loveseat. Everything! Once I realized that I shoud have just ignored his teasing and callng him an *** was the worst thing to do, guilt swept in and soon I was able to calm down.
A hug, an apology and it was done. We spoke about the events and I understand his position. I hope now he understand how to "handle" me. Being a brat is fun-but the aftershocks are not.
I want to end this with a "thank you" to both Bob and Lincoln. Together, they are working to make me a better person. Even though I may not like the punishment I am to recieve, I shall never dispute it and I know it is for me own good. Thanks guys!
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"Act like a naughty Lil' Girl then treated like a naughty Lil' Girl" while that IS what a misbehaving petulant Young Ladies' bottom is for on occasion, now isn't it? :)