To catch people up, Lincoln is my go-to for discipline. Bob is his sidekick, substituting when Lincoln is unavailable. That is what happened this week. Lincoln is suffering from a "man cold." Therefore, I am suffering from a sore bottom.
It's been two weeks since my last spanking (I think) and in that two weeks I screwed up royally. I had a weak moment and smoked half a cigarette. Never mind the fact that it was only half, that it made me sick and dizzy and that I felt instant guilt. I smoked. That's all that matters. Second mistake I made was using my phone in my car. I do not text and drive, I use my phone at stoplights and stop signs. I need to work on not doing that. Finally, because I had the flu, I asked for a lift on my soda restriction. I took advantage of that without meaning to. In one day I consumed eighty-four ounces of soda, twenty four over my weekly limit. I had to confess. Guilt is a terrible thing.
Lincoln, Bob and myself decided that Bob would handle the soda and cigarette thing. Lincoln would deal with the phone usage. I do not like Bob punishments because, well besides hurting, he does rapid fire and lectures and is stern. I feel like a little girl at the mercy of daddy. How do I deal with my impeding doom? I get smart and give Bob a bad attitude. Handle it, Bob did. With a vengence, or at least my butt thinks so.
This morning he texted me to tell me he was on his way. He also text to tell me accident on interstate and to give me "instructions." He can text and drive, but I can't text at a stop light. Scales seem a little off balance, eh? Okay, back to what ya'll want to read. I was instructed to pull my pants and panties down and kneel on the side of my bed and wait. Think I am just going to think? Nope! I read my kindle until he came in. He pulled my pants and panties all the way off. He tells me he is using lotion, not to be nice but because my tush seems to dry out easily. He was also was kind enough to inform me that it would hurt more. Nice guy, eh?
First spanking is for my attitude, or as we call "attitude adjustment." He starts off the hand hard and fast! He misses no part of my bum, and even concentrates on the sit spot-which I hate! Very sensitive area. It is so hard to behave when he spanks, he shows no mercy! I was told to leave my hands in front of me, because I kept reaching back. This is just the hand and I have so much more to endure. Attitude adjustment ends with the spatula.
Second spanking begins like the first. Relentless swatting with his hand. How is hand doesn't fall off I will never know. You would think with all the lotion he applied to me that my butt cheeks would also fall off. Okay, not possible, but he's brutal, I'm telling you. Hairbrush will conclude this portion of my fate. Try as I could I could not hold still or behave. This spanking was for soda. I was even promising to stay away from pop forever. We all know that's not true, but hey, anything to get away from this! My pleas fell on deaf ears. A few times he even laid across my back to keep me down. My gawd was I in pain!
Hand, spatula, hand, hairbrush. I feel like the devil is tap dancing on my behind. How can I endure any more? Finally, the third and final punishment. Needless to say it starts with the hand and lotion-lucky me. He tells me to stand up and bend over. He hand spanks, but at this point it really didn't matter what he used because each smack felt like fire and brimestone. I had the hardest time not falling over onto the bed and keeping still. He keeps telling me to behave or he will start over. This time his request fell on deaf ears. I wasn't ignoring him, I was only concerned with the pain. Yes, pain. Thirty with the shoe! Are you kidding me? I honestly did not even realize he was still using his hand! My canvas shoe was like loud thunder in the middle of a calm night when it made contact with my bump. After taking what I did, adding the lotion, the shoes was just like "wow!" I don't know how else to describe it. Salt on an open wound would feel better. Yep, Yep. Hard time taking it. More lotion. Seriously?! He tells me I have ten more to go. I tried counting in my head, but I couldn't. I think I made it to four when I lost it. I lost my pride, dignitiy, spirit. I was beat and I knew it.
He left leaving me on my bed to calm down. I'm not sure how long I was there. My dog and pillow provided me comfort. No, my dogs do not stop a spanking-they are wimpier than me. When I felt calm, I went to him for more comfort. We joked around, got a little goofy and my dumb self, I go and call him names. Some were joking, some were not. Doesn't matter. Lincoln will be giving me soap on his next visit. I wonder if i can stay out of trouble until then?
Thanks for the lesson Bob. You can be sure a cigarette is not in my future anytime soon, or ever I hope.
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do you get into trouble deliberately, or can't you help it?

Both ;). Depends on the rule I guess. This story was written a few weeks ago and much has changed. The only thing I really get in trouble for now is forgetting meds, too much soda & texting while driving. The latter one has not been an issue lately ;)

Why has a lot changed? You being a good girl for a reason, or don't you have your needed spanker?

Changed because I had my butt beaten good for my crimes. I'm being spanked tomorrow morning and I'm not looking forward to it

What did you do to earn that? :0

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sounds like you got what you deserved lucky you

I did. Very intense butt beating, very needed. I'm lucky to have him for a friend

i wish i could find a woman frend that would give me a spanking as i need it

Took me awhile to build up the courage to find someone to beat me. Go to spankfinder