Just a little while ago I was in line waiting to get a prescription filled at the drug store. Behind me was an attractive woman in her late 30's. She had a young teen daughter, probably 13-15 since she was wearing a middle school basketball logo t-shirt. She was tall for her age, probably about 5-8 or more but fairly slender. Not sure just why but I saw the mom grab her by the arm and give her a moderate smack on her bottom and then talk directly into her ear in a low voice. After this the girl went down the aisle appearing to sulk. She came back a couple of minutes later and said something to her mom in a low voice. Her mom responded rather loudly " That is enough, you are going to get it when we get home." The girl's expression changed quickly to what I perceived as a combination of surprise and fear for her bottom. She stammered that she didn't mean it, but mom responded that it was too late. I don't think she had been spanked in a long time but knew she'd gone too far this time. She stayed next to her mom and was still there, very quiet and subdued, when I left. I suspect by now she has gotten her bottom blistered.
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That is nice to see. A parent not afraid to spank and when they say they are going to do it they actually follow through. :) Nothing like a trip over mom's lap to change ones attitude. :)

Let's hope so!

lets hope she did blistered her bottom at home

I would have loved to go home with them and watch the mom deal with the bratty teen How was she dressed?

That is how I would have had it maybe a few more whacks across my jeans as we walked to the car scolding while in car once in house mom would get her wood paddle and use it across my tight jeans 30 to 40 times? then take them down for me for a long hand spanking until I was bawling I hope this young teen got it severe as well?

My mom would pull our clothes down around our ankles and then lecture and paddle us followed by corner time awaiting permission to cover up. Dad always gave his scolding and then strapping with his belt at bedtime. First he would tell us to stand up and take off our pajama bottoms. Having to stand exposed for the lecture and subsequent punishment was typical from mom and dad well into late teens whenever we were spanked.

if she act up and disrespectful she deserve to be spank anyone any age needs spankings

Two or three decades ago, the mother probably would not have hesitated to smack the girl then and there. Unfortunately in this day and age, that is not possible, but at least the mother was clearly still willing to administer proper discipline when needed.

Intriguing. Nothing even close to that would happen where I live (CA) and I mean, not even close. Grabbing a kids arm practically sets off alarm bells. May I ask what state you live in? I'm curious about the different societal views on spanking in different localities. Even twenty years ago when I was growing up there wasn't much of it.

*much of it where my family lives

North central US.

Good mother! Kids neep to learn discipline!

I think a bare bottom spanking back home and a sincere apology are called for. Maybe even having her stand in the corner in that condition would have a good influence on her attitude.

I know how the girl felt, my stepmom used to do that to me in public. LOL why didn't you follow them home?

too bad she didn't spank her right there

I'd be afraid to do that in public today with all the anti-spanking do-gooders around contributing to the ruin of our society. From the look on the girl's face I suspect what she was about to get at home was going to produce the desired effect though.

The waiting and thinking about gives such an amazing effect to the whole spanking--

I'm sure she learned a lesson after they got home. By the way the kid was acting I hope her mom bared her butt before spanking her.

I believe that she had not been spanked for a long time and maybe thought her spanking days were past. I could see attitude go from teen sullen to real surprise in her eyes change to fear once she realized she had gone too far and really was going to get it when they got home. That leads me to believe she' had her bottom reddened good somewhere in the past.

Well I expect she learned her lesson as back chat deserves a proper lesson and I hope her Mother put her in place.